Kentrosaurus (4D Puzzle by Fame Master)

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Poor Kentrosaurus, it always plays second fiddle to its larger cousin Stegosaurus.  Still, the genus has proved popular enough to be reproduced as a toy in several instances. And oddly enough, most of them have proved to be great representations. Safari, CollectA, Tyco, and even Schleich have all produced some outstanding Kentrosaurus figures. In the case of the 3D puzzle company Fame Master they too have made a pretty good Kentrosaurus and we’ll be looking at that one today.


The Fame Master dinosaur puzzles are toys first and foremost and while most of them are hit and miss in the accuracy department the grand majority are dynamic, colorful, and display well once assembled. From a distance the Kentrosaurus could pass off as just another dinosaur toy but in reality it is a puzzle and consists of 25 pieces. It’s easy enough to put together though, and stays together quite well without the seams being too visible. Once put together the dinosaur measures about 5” in length.


The Kentrosaurus is posed in that typical Kentrosaurus pose. The head looking over its left shoulder, limbs braced for combat, and tail swung high in the air. The paint job is also something we’ve seen before with a green body and orange plates. The green is darker dorsally and fades towards the belly. The plates are tipped in black and the spikes are gray. The detail work is quite nice on this small model with appropriate musculature discernible on the legs, forelimbs, tail, and neck. Scales, wrinkles, and skin folds are sculpted along the body.


On the surface the toy is well proportioned and reasonably accurate but there are a few issues. The feet and hands are messed up as they tend to be on many dinosaur toys, stegosaurs and otherwise. The feet are sculpted with four toes when there should only be three while the hands actually lack a digit, having four instead of five as they should.


Although fans of Kentrosaurus aren’t lacking for decent reproductions, the Fame Master model is still decent enough to seek out. It’s a vibrant, well sculpted, dynamic toy that has the added bonus of being a puzzle.

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  • Hmm no, I don’t think the Safari Kentrosaurus is an outstanding or even good representation of the animal. As I mentioned in a comment on that figure’s Dinosaur Toy Blog review, it has incorrectly positioned tail spikes which result in the end of its tail having no tail spikes. As if that wasn’t silly enough, the end of its tail is painted like a tail spike.

    As for this Fame Master Kentrosaurus, it’s a shame it’s tail spikes get smaller towards the end of its tail. They should be doing the opposite, with the longest tail spikes being right at the end of the tail, as can be seen in Scott Hartman’s Kentrosaurus skeletal:

  • I’m disappointed – your headline says “4D”, yet you don’t mention anything about this toy’s time-travelling features.

  • Kentrosaurus does seem to be one of the few dinosaurs that has nothing but good toys. Even the Chap Mei version is visually impressive, albeit inaccurate.

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