Kosmoceratops (Jurassic World: Legacy by Mattel)

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Review and photos by EmperorDinobot, edited by Suspsy

A great change is upon us. It appears that an endless stream of prehistoric creature toys and figures is everywhere now. Every Target store I visit during these horrible times are just full of dinosaur toys, and that is, at least for me, a reason to get up in the morning, put on my mask, and hunt like when I was a kid. This Jurassic World dinosaur figure boom really does take me back to 1997 when the toys from The Lost World came out. There’s nothing quite like that new dinosaur toy smell in the aisles. Besides the main Dominion and Hammond Collection line, Mattel is generously giving us more Legacy dinosaurs, though I am not sure Kosmoceratops was in any previous movie. But I do welcome new dinosaur action figure species into the fold! Let us see how well this Kosmoceratops fares!


I have always liked the open packages these figures come in. They cut back on plastic, and you can actually feel the figure. I mean I do hate the fact that there is a change that germy kids will touch them, but luckily mine came shipped in a box. Nope, I did not, in fact, get this at Target. I actually got it as an error from Target! I had ordered a completely different dinosaur, and this came instead! I did not even try to complain. I think it was Bob Ross who said that there were happy accidents, and this was one such occasion.

The packaging is as we expect: colorful with a T. rex on the top left, and the back shows you how the action feature works.

The sculpt is nice, with some inaccuracies such as the number of digits on each limb and the horns mostly jutting forward. It is quite scaly, and the head is LARGE compared to the rest of the body. It measures around 5 inches long and is painted a nice light olive green, with jade green stripes that almost look as if someone had dumped toxic sludge on the figure. The frill’s hornlets are light cream, but the rest of the horns are the same light olive green. I thought this was a very odd choice, and I would have preferred it if the brow and jugal horns (which are VERY long) had also been painted light cream, as well as the nasal boss and beak. The base of the brow horns, front part of the nasal boss, and frill ornamentation come in a light terracotta brown that was sprayed over. It is a very interesting color choice for this dinosaur. I do love green dinosaurs!

Something I am starting to detest about these dinosaurs is the DNA code card that you get to pull out of every figure. Not only does it look strange, even when the card is inserted because it has a gash where you are supposed to insert your nail in in order to pull it out. Speaking of nails, pulling the DNA cards out is EXTREMELY HARD. This was my first Dominion era toy, and others that I have acquired since have given me the same trouble because my nails are kinda soft and my hands are not very strong. I wish they had kept the foot sticker instead, but those came off easily and got lost, so I suppose this is a better system.

The action feature is easy to understand. Pull the tail up and down and the head will go up and down. The figure is not big enough to flip a Jeep around, but it will definitely fling similarly sized raptors around.

I have yet to see one of these in stores. I always see the Legacy Pachycephalosaurus and the tiger Velociraptor, so I am going to classify Kosmoceratops as uncommon for the time being. I think it is a nice dinosaur figure despite its misgivings, and I love it when Mattel gives us uncommon species. The more the merrier, as they say!

I get that Kosmoceratops was a smallish ceratopsian, but even next to a 1:18 scale inch figure, the thing is SMALL. It is rather cute, though. I recommend it if you want to play with it as a pet or a younger Beasts of the Mesozoic Kosmoceratops. Happy hunting!

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