Metriacanthosaurus (Roarivores)(Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom by Mattel)

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Review and photos by Emperor Dinobot, edited by Suspsy

The relatively obscure Metriacanthosaurus mysteriously popped up in Jurassic Park while Nedry was stealing dinosaur embryos from the cryogenic lab. We owe its tiny cameo to Gregory Paul’s book Predatory Dinosaurs of the World (1988) in which the “medium spined lizard” made a prominent appearance, albeit incorrectly lumped together with Yangchuanosaurus. The species has had taxonomic fuzziness over the years, being both Yangchuanosaurus and Sinraptor at various stages, but the fragmentary remains have been cleared for their own existence, and after all these years, we have a figure that, while probably inaccurate, is still enormously welcomed by JP lovers, as well as lovers of obscure dinosaurs.

The box as usual comes with an exploding volcano background while safely housing the dinosaur in what looks like a high tech capture cage, as well as multiple warnings in different languages. The instructions tell you how to play with the toy in different languages, how to attach the tail, and how to change the batteries, which are the customary three A76 type.

The figure is molded in a light ochre color with olive stripes running across the back. The detailing is extremely well done, featuring three types of scaling. There are normal scales across the body, some pebbly scales running along the sides, and some tougher scaling runs across the back. The animal is posed in a fairly neutral stance, which makes it great. The foreclaws are not painted, but the ones on its feet are. This is a thing all the carnivorous Roarivore figures have. It stands pretty well on its own. It is problematic in that it has pronated hands and tarsals that are probably too long for the real deal.

The figure has at least four sounds which are activated once the button on the back is activated. The JP mark is on the bottom of its right foot, and the code for the Jurassic World Facts app is on the left foot. I think you can even scan it using the picture provided here if you wish.

Again, I really wish these toys came with their jaws closed and the button opening the jaws instead. This was a missed opportunity, but I can’t really complain too much about it. There are ways to keep them closed, but most involve breaking the figure.

The shoulders and hips are ball-jointed, which is awesome. Like most Roarivores, the Metriacanthosaurus measures about 13 inches long and 5 inches tall. It scales well with 3.75-5 inch tall figures.

My personal favorite Roarivore released thus so far is the Baryonyx, but this is the second one. She is full of flaws, but . . . IT’S A METRIACANTHOSAURUS! A very nice figure for your Jurassic collection. I have had a lot of fun with it. Available from here.

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Comments 6

  • While the figure looks suspiciously retro in certain ways, it’s still a pretty good toy; and hey, it’s great to see another obscure genus on shelf stores!
    I only wish the tail had been sculpted longer and thicker.

  • I have noticed no shelf warmers so far. I have gone in four different Targets and two Wal-Marts and they are picked over at every location. This figure I have seen at two of the six locations I have gone too.

  • I’ve noticed Allosaurus as shelf warmers so far out of the roarivores. I really like this toy. Better in person.

  • Great review and images. It is annoying that the mouth open is the default on these figures when you’d think that logic would dictate a closed mouth until they roar.

  • I would rather have seen Parasaurolophus. Unless this one appears in the film, I think it’ll be a shelfwarmer.

  • Definitely the weakest of the Roarivores, but decent figure.

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