Mosasaurus and Diver Imaginext (Jurassic World by, Fisher-Price)

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With Mattel taking over the Jurassic World franchise from Hasbro, it has produced better toys when you compare the two lines. As for the Imaginext vs the Playschool Heroes Jurassic World lines they come across much closer in quality and style. With their ridiculous big feet to aid in stability, and the simple, yet overdone accessories the Imaginext series is intended for preschoolers. While two and three year old’s might feel the thrill and action of playing with these toys, for most collectors there tends to be little value in this series due to the toys unscientific nature.

The mosasaurus and diver set obviously includes a scuba diver as an accessory but its hardly worth talking about except that it makes for an excellent snack for the mosasaurus toy.

Scientific Accuracy: The mosasaurus was a giant, fast, predator that was long and sleek. The Imaginext version is robust and short. I guess that follows the poetic licenses that has been applied to the massive animal in the films. The skull on this toy is hefty and tapers slightly into a rounded tip. Their is a large brow ridge above the large eyes while the mandibles have large conical teeth, which unfortunately stick out like a crocodiles. Along the body are two huge front flippers and two slightly smaller rear flippers. The thick torso tapers into a thinning caudal peduncle when the tail blooms into a large tail fluke similar to sharks. In other words it really isn’t close when it comes to scientific accuracy, as this toy looks more like an aquatic monster which I suppose the Jurassic World version is.

Size: It is a descent sized toy. It is 10.4 in (26.5 cm) in length. The head itself is 3.14 in (8cm ) long. At the mid point of the body it is 2.04 in (5.2 cm) high. The front flippers are a little larger than the rear flippers at a length from tip to joint that is around 2.75 in (6.9 cm) long. The tail fluke from tip to tip is 2.35 in (5.7cm).

Characteristics: What the toy loses in accuracy doesn’t mean this toy is not worthy. In fact this is a rather simple yet fun toy. Lets start with acrylic eyes. They are creepy, really creepy, yet cool reptile eyes. They will brighten and darken depending on the angle you are looking at it. The best part is that the eyes seem to move, so no matter what angle your looking at it, it is looking back at you.

The mouth does opens wide and is an effective chomping toy. Every time you push the red button on its back the mouth opens easily and once you let go it chomps back down. The spring is not enough to hurt but enough snap to simulate a bite. There is a big pink tongue inside the mouth and the teeth are interlaid outside the mouth. The body is short and thick and on the sides are the four large flippers. All four flippers turn all the way around and have a hinge that lets them go up and down. The tail is short but it does have 2 points of articulation to make it move back and forth. This is advantageous during playtime as you can move the flippers and tail to make it “swim”!

Color and texture: The top half of the torso and head are blue. The flippers and tail are the same blue color. The lower jaw and the underside is a light blue. Along the back are two dark blue ridges. In between those ridges is a red button that is used for the snapping action. The teeth are white and the eyes are yellow. That’s all their is for color. The texture of the head has large scales on top and small bumps on the side and jaw. The back and sides are large scales and these continue all down to the tail. The flippers look a little bit like wings with feathers n them. The front half has small circles and the back half has lines that look kind of like the shaft on a feather or the midrib on a leaf. On the under side of the belly and jaw there are straight scale lines going all the way across.

Overall: This is an incredibly well made toy. It is sturdy, has multiple points of articulation for movement, a simple but effective action feature, and the eyes just look magnificent. This would be a fun toy for kids to play with, or adults, as I have chased my kids around the house with this toy. It can be used in the water though it is not water proof. I recommend this toy for young kids. As for collectors it is probably not most peoples cup of tea, but if you find it interesting or you just like mosasaurus, then it might be worth it. Another downside is the price. I found mine on sale, but the price tends to be around the $15 -$20 American dollar range. It is easily one of, if not the best JWFK toy made in the Imaginext line.

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  • Thanks for the review! This Mosasaurus is really cute! I like it!
    I have a question about it: it could work as a baby Mosasaurus, talking about accuracy?

    Thanks in advance!

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