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Cretaceous Collection (Kaiyodo Capsule Q Museum)

3.5 (4 votes)
Review and photos by Patryx
Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops, Velociraptor, Mosasaurus, and Pteranodon. What a familiar lineup! This is a set decidedly influenced by the hype surrounding the latest installment in the Jurassic Park franchise, consisting of five iconic creatures from all over the Cretaceous. It’s an intriguing concept, as Kaiyodo is revered for their up-to-date reconstructions, and Jurassic Park is, well, not.

Isla Nublar Decisive Battle Set (ANIA by Takara Tomy)

4.3 (15 votes)

Review and photos by Zim, edited by Suspsy

June 12, 2015 was the day the Jurassic Park series was revived with a new film called Jurassic World. It features a revamped park along with many new species, including Dimorphodon, Mosasaurus, and a new hybrid, along with old favourites like Tyrannosaurus.

Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Kinder Joy Eggs (by Ferrero)

4.5 (4 votes)

Here is an interesting fact.  In the United States of America, the release of the limited edition Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Kinder Joy Eggs  would have been illegal if it had been released in previous years.  The reason for this is that any candy with a toy or “non-nutritive object embedded” inside it has been illegal since 1938, when the U.S.

Mini-Dino Multi-Pack (“Battle Damage”)(Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom by Mattel)

4.6 (7 votes)
Review and photographs by Cretaceous Crab, edited by Suspsy
Let me start out by saying that this pack of figures are obviously part of the Jurassic Park/Jurassic World toy franchise, and likewise, each figure is designed to be a representation of its silver screen counterpart. We all know that many of the prehistoric species featured in this franchise are not scientifically accurate.

Mosasaurus ( PNSO Scientific Art Model)

4 (8 votes)

Review and Photos by Bokisaurus

Welcome to another dose of PNSO review! It sure is an exciting time to be a collector of prehistoric figures. Today, we will review another fabulous figure from the amazing company PNSO, the mighty Mosasaurus! So relax and enjoy the review.

Our little friend off to another adventure!

Mosasaurus (Chomper)(Jurassic World by Hasbro)

1.3 (4 votes)

Mosasaurus has finally made it to the big screen in Jurassic World and while it might not be scientific accurate, if you look at it in terms of the cool factor, one could argue that it was the star of the film. Literally and figuratively it is involved in the biggest splashes of action during its screen time.

Mosasaurus (CollectA)

3.8 (15 votes)

Review and photos by Suspsy.
With their deadly jaws, great size, and powerful tails, mosasaurs were the marine equivalent of the tyrannosaurs during the Cretaceous Period. And the most fearsome mosasaur of them all was none other than Mosasaurus itself.

One of CollectA’s greatest strengths is their dedication to reflecting the latest paleontological discoveries in their products.

Mosasaurus (Dino Escape by Mattel)

4 (12 votes)

Mattel’s take on Jurassic World’s giant sea reptile is back as big and beautiful as ever, with a few new interesting quirks up its plastic sleeve.

When Mattel began announcing their upcoming releases in the wake of acquiring the Jurassic World license in 2018, one of the first and most exciting toys to catch my eye was the giant Mosasaurus, an impressive “real-feel” articulated toy that could eat Hasbro’s earlier attempts at the genus for lunch.

Mosasaurus (DinoWaurs Survival)

1 (4 votes)

Greetings DinoWaurriors!! As mentioned before, Dinowaurs is great for what they were willing to try in their line. Pterosaurs, therapsids and marine reptiles all feature alongside dinosaurs. Here, we take a look at another mighty reptile that dominated the late Cretaceous seas, Mosasaurus. Mosasaurs were one of the major successes at the end of the age of reptiles, and Mosasaurus were the largest of all, hunting anything in their biome.

Mosasaurus (Jurassic World Snap Squad by Mattel)

3.4 (9 votes)

By and large the Snap Squad toys by Mattel have been frustratingly difficult to find. Nearly a year ago I managed to find a few at Wal-Mart, and foolishly didn’t buy them all. That was the first time I ever saw them “in the wild” and I wouldn’t see them again until April 2020, when for some reason they showed up at Aldi of all places.

Mosasaurus (Real-Feel)(Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom by Mattel)

4.4 (9 votes)
Review and Photographs by Cretaceous Crab, edited by Suspsy
To paraphrase the character Gray’s signature catchphrase, “We need more teeth!” Following Hasbro’s lackluster attempt with Jurassic World‘s prehistoric marine monster, dinosaur toy collectors of all ages agreed that, “We need a better Mosasaurus toy!”

As we have already seen in previous reviews, Mattel has vastly succeeded where Hasbro failed.

Mosasaurus (Recur)

3.2 (6 votes)
My next Recur review will be that colossal tyrant of the deep, Mosasaurus hoffmannii. In stark contrast to its terrestrial counterpart, T. rex, Mosasaurus had both poor binocular vision and a poor sense of smell. This means that it probably restricted its hunting to the ocean surface, where it would have been easier to locate prey.

Mosasaurus (Soft Model by Favorite Co. Ltd.)

4.2 (9 votes)

Kazunaki Araki’s sculpt reflects how our scientific understanding of Mosasaurus has changed, while retaining more classic, retro traits in appearance.

Dinosaurs have often been compared to modern lizards, perhaps because they tend to be a default image the general public has of reptiles. In fact, dinosaurs were only very distantly related to lizards, but while they were dominating the land throughout the Mesozoic era, a genuine branch of the order Squamata began conquering the seas during the Cretaceous.

Mosasaurus (Wild Safari by Safari Ltd)

2.1 (13 votes)
Contrary to its appearance in Jurassic World, Mosasaurus was not a blue whale-sized leviathan capable of effortlessly dragging giant genetic freaks to a watery grave. Still, at an estimated 60 feet in length, it was definitely one of the largest and deadliest marine predators of all time.

Released in 2010, this Mosasaurus is one of the larger beasts in Wild Safari’s prehistoric line, measuring 24.5 cm long from nose to tail tip.

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