Nodosaurid (Furkan)

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Out of the depths of my cabinets I dug out this odd Nodosaurid for you.
And it´s kind of strange for a review that I do neither know the exact species nor the origin of the figure. I bought it from ebay two or so years ago, that´s all I can say. The only thing it says at the label on the base is “Furkan” or “Jurkan” (see picture). Once you google these names, you are getting confused by information that these are Arabian names. So the real origin of this figure remains a mystery, unless some of our fellow readers can tell us more about it.

Mystery is a nice word in context with this figure that is 13cm tall (with base) and 19cm long. I have mixed emotions looking at it, changing from admiring the daring dynamic pose, wondering about what species it could be, if any at all, and laughing about the cheap material it is made from, that I only know from flea market window-sill kitsch.

Despite its cheap and light material, the figures skin texture and body qualities are curved out quite detailed. The colour, on the other hand, is not the big thing anyway. It varies from light grey, white spines and orange – yellow stripes at the back.
The pose is extraordinary for a Nodosaurid. Usually we know Ankylosaur and Nodosaur figures seem relatively static with Marx´s tank – style Ankylosaurus and Invicta´s Scelidosaurus as a prototype.

Although later Nodosaur figures leastwise lifted their tails (Carnegie, Schleich), the poses remained uninspired. Then came Papo Ankylosaurus / Euoplocephalus and changed our perception of Ankylosaurs at least a little.
The reviewed dinosaur figure was on the market earlier and anticipated a bold and swinging Ankylosaur pose. I think it´s a nice alternation, even it may not have been possible for those dinosaurs to bend S-like or rise on their hind legs at all.

What matters at this figure is that it brings a little live to the underestimated Ankylo- / Nodosaur – clan. It is enthralling that both its origin and the species (it is closest to Polacanthus) are unknown and its halfway state between kitsch and high-fashion resin kits.
Any new information revealing more details of this figure are welcome!

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