Protoceratops (Carnage Dinosaurs by ReSaurus/Toysmith)

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Review and photos by Emperor Dinobot, edited by Suspsy

Greetings! Emperor Dinobot here with another review! The Carnage Protoceratops is another welcome addition to the ReSaurus line of dinosaurs. However, it is definitely not in scale with Triceratops or Styracosaurus!

This is because the Protoceratops uses the same exact body as the Triceratops and Styracosaurus, but it comes with a different head, and it is painted mostly olive green and black. All ReSaurus dinosaurs come with a base, but unfortunately mine did not come with one. All herbivores use the same base though, so it is acceptable to use the base of another dinosaur.

For a more in-depth review of the body mold, please see my review of the Triceratops, as linked to in the opening paragraph. All of these dinosaurs are very nicely detailed, with skin folds and all manner of protuberances.

Of the three ceratopsians, Protoceratops is the blandest one, and not because it does not have horns, but because of the plainer coloration. It is still very nice, just not as detailed as it is with the other two. The real problem is that the body is not accurate. It was lazy of ReSaurus to reuse the same body for Protoceratops. The tail should be longer with taller spines, the limbs differently proportioned, and the feet should have longer pedal and manual digits. This might just be a hornless Centrosaurus, and I think that is what I am going to call it from now on.

Like my other ReSaurus figures, I found this figure by sheer luck. I do not know where one can buy one anymore. Obviously this is one of the more disappointing offerings, but it’s just better to pretend it’s not Protoceratops. You’ll be happier that way. I’m not saying it’s a bad figure, it’s just not a good representation of the animal.

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  • Huh, so did these all come with a display base? I have the Triceratops which I bought years ago in a box, but I do not recall there being a display stand.

  • Although the original design was made by ReSaurus, the figure came out after ReSaurus went out of business. The Carnage dinosaurs have ben reissued undee different brands. I got Protoceratops and Deinonychus back in 2002 when they were first released by Toy Smith, I think, in the UK.
    I don’t think anyone is making these anymore, so Ebay or a garage sale are the best bet.
    But yeah, it doesn’t really look like a proper Protoceratops.

  • It almost looks like they meant to make a Pachyrhinosaurus but forgot the bosses on its eyes and nose.

  • I like your approach as the reviewer of this toy – not a bad item at all!, just not a Protoceratops.. We’ve seen this approach with the Papo Ankylosaurus a.k.a. Euplocephalus. No sense trashing a decent sculpt, just name it for what is (or isn’t).

  • The revision of protoceratops is magnificent. I congratulate Emperor Dinobot because the review is very good and the most important thing in terms of protoceratops figures (Carnage Dinosaurs by ReSaurus) for me is the most accurate and more realistic than its counterparts triceratops and styracosaurus.

  • I would call it a young Pachyrhinosaurus.

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