Pteranodon Escape (Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom by LEGO Juniors)

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“Saluations, fellow dinosaur lovers! Dr. Bella Bricking and Beth Buildit here, ready for our first review of 2019. Today we’ll examining Pteranodon Escape, one of three Jurassic World sets from LEGO Juniors. You are familiar with the Juniors line, I take it, Beth?”

“Sure, Doc. Juniors is aimed at kids who are too old for Duplo stuff, but not quite ready for the big leagues. The sets do contain LEGO bricks, but also lots of specialized pieces that make the building quick and easy.”

“Absolutely correct, Beth. To work we go once again!”

“Well, here’s a familiar-looking face, Doc. This Pteranodon is the same as the one we first reviewed way back in 2015, albeit with a spiffy red and grey colour scheme based on the movie design. The eyes are yellow and the bill has painted nostrils, which puts it over the original version!”

“Astute observation, Beth. An identical toy featured in the Pteranodon Capture set from 2015. In addition, a green and red version appears in the 2018 Pteranodon Chase set from the standard JW line.

“Those are not exactly what I’d call imaginative titles, Doc.”

“Perhaps not, but they suffice, Beth. Now let us see to the building. I think you will soon find that this is a stark contrast from our last excursion!

“Wow, this is easy! Can all our reviews be like this, Doc?”

“Certainly not, Beth! Variety is the spice of life! Now, here are two mercenaries equipped with a rifle and a radio. The female pilot features a double-sided face with stern and scared expressions.”

“And here’s something for them to be scared of: a couple of translucent orange balls meant to represent hunks of magma! Each ball is made up of two halves, allowing you place smaller translucent pieces inside. The idea is that you can pop them open as though they’re exploding into smaller bits.”

“Oh dear, that is most alarming, Beth! Also of concern is this burning tree! And here too is a monitor station showing that the volcano on Isla Nublar is in the midst of erupting. You can even see the Pteranodon flying away!”

“And here’s the most fun part of the set, Doc: a helicopter! In addition to the spinning rotor, it features an opening canopy and rear loading door, plus a rope attached to the skids. The interior’s cramped, but you can still fit both minifigures inside.”

“That must come as a great relief to them, Beth. Overall, I believe that this is a rather nice little set that young LEGO fans (and some older ones) should enjoy immensely, especially with the multitude of translucent pieces as well as the Pteranodon itself. This set was widely available wherever LEGO is sold, but it is now discontinued, as is standard practice with LEGO sets every year. ”

“And on that note, Doc, I say we hit the road. Or in this case, the wind! Hold on tight!”

“Till we meet again, fellow dinosaur lovers! Tally ho!”

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