Red Gazelle (Forgotten Friends Series A by Yowie)

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Africa is an amazing continent, full of incredible species throughout the history of the world. Many are sadly no longer extant, lost to time, often as the result of human expansion. Such is the case with the Red Gazelle, found in Algeria, all that is now left of this species are a few specimens….. possibly. The truth is that they were sold in Algeria, and could in fact be Red Faced Gazelle, which still exist today. Regardless, they made there way into the Forgotten Friends line by Yowie. Let’s see how they did.

Here we see the animal standing in a very alert manner. Like many Yowie models from this era, there is a small amount of articulation, largely that the legs move back and forwards and the head has a small amount of swivel, though moving it too far will cause the neck to come apart. The colours are very close to the depictions of the Red Gazelle, which may be based on the Red Faced Gazelle, so should be close. It is small, measuring 2.8″ high and 2.4″ long.

This is pretty spot on to what it could be, though slightly too slim and cartoony. The antlers may also be too long. Otherwise ok.

This is an interesting one. Possibly not a must grab, especially given the data deficient nature of the species. It could be used as a Red Faced Gazelle, so could be a worthwhile grab for some. It is discontinued, so eBay is your best bet if you like this one.

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  • It’s a cute little figure! Learning more about the reasoning for this obscure semi-real choice of animal would certainly be interesting.

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