Stenonychosaurus / Troodon (Invicta)

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Review by Stefan Schröder (alias Libraraptor)

This Invicta Stenonychosaurus/ Troodon is already 21 years old and still one of the best coelurosaur reconstructions that have ever been made.

Invicta Stenonychosaurus / Troodon
Invicta Stenonychosaurus / Troodon

I really like this very credible sculpture for it has many details which are not obvious at first sight. Since the scale is larger than the typical Invicta scale they could afford giving it real eyeballs. The shape of the snout has been carved out accurately and has distinct nostrils. The tail hits the eye immediately – the figure is very balanced and portrays the presumed agility of these small dinosaurs.

Invicta Stenonychosaurus / Troodon

The posture is good but it is the only Invicta dinosaur to need a supporting base (a different colour to the rest of the figure), to which the feet attach in sockets, but it pays off. The dinosaur looks like pausing after a quick sprint, watching out either for prey or for predators, always ready to continue its sprint.

Invicta Stenonychosaurus / Troodon

20 years ago there was no “feathered dinosaur” discussion and, to be honest, I could not imagine this kind of model wearing feathers, although the real Troodon probably had feathers. But who cares? This clearly is not an everyday dinosaur figure, it is an outstanding ambassador for the already outstanding Invicta line!

The figure can occasionally be found on Ebay

Invicta Stenonychosaurus / Troodon
Invicta Stenonychosaurus / Troodon

photos by ‘Webdragon’, used with kind permission

You can support the Dinosaur Toy Blog by making your dino-purchases through these links to Ebay and Amazon.

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  • Having created Troodon for BMNH in London 22 years ago I would have never in my wildst dreams imagined that it would be so popular! What a surprise!

  • By 2015, this has become a rather rare acquisition, demanding a hefty price. Imagine my amazement to find this in a bag of dinosaurs on sale for $2.99 -go figure! Very encouraging for the collector who doesn’t want to surrender an arm and a leg for such a rarity. Be encouraged and keep your eyes open: you never know … .

  • […] the dromaeosaurids. Troodon has been depicted as scaly in the past (see this wonderful but outdated Invicta model), but was actually more birdlike than reptilian, and was covered in feathers. Troodon  even […]

  • It’s a great model and all, but it looks hardly anything like a Troodon.


  • […] for  Invicta dinosaur collectors is that this is the only model given a prop (unless you count the Troodon‘s base), in this case a fish that acts as the fourth point to lean on. The fish is just as […]

  • Compre hace muchos años el Troodon y fue uno de los más logrados que de la extinta empresa Invicta en cuanto a la morfología de su cabeza.
    La única deficiencia es que no muestra la garra característica elevada tipíca de la especia de estos terópodos como Deinonichys y Velociraptor que si está representada en la enciclopedia de dinosaurios de John Sibbick .

  • Good lord, I think that’s the one I had as a kid! Not like “Oh wow, I had one of these as a kid!”, literally I think that’s the one I had. I had a cat at the time who chewed on any plastic she could find and she absolutely ate the head and badly mangled the tail, I remember I wouldn’t play with him as much because of his disfigurement. So if you bought this guy from a yard sale in Massachusetts, that’s totally my old Trodon. Awesome.

  • ……..just fine…….

  • Love the site and the models, I think dinosaurs are amazing.

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