Stygimoloch Breakout (Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom by Lego)

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“Good day to you all, fellow dinosaur lovers! It is I, Dr. Bella Bricking, here once again to guide you through an exciting Lego journey! And of course, I am accompanied by my ever-eager partner, Beth Buildit!”


“I say, Beth, how is little Bronwyn faring? I miss having her along on our exploits!”

“Yeah, funny thing about that, Doc. Seems my sister didn’t appreciate us taking Bronny along those last two times.”

“Tsk, tsk, how shameful for her to deprive her child of a hands-on education! Ah well, we haven’t any time to spare on lamentations! As you can see, I’m wearing one of my special headpieces for today’s adventure!”

“Yeah, you planning on taking over Thor’s place in the next Avengers movie?”

“Negative, Beth. I have selected this battle helmet because the subject of our review is none other than the Stygimoloch Breakout set from the Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom series! This 222-piece set retails for $39.99 Canadian and is available wherever Lego sets are sold! Come, my dear companion, let us commence!”

“Well, I see Lego’s been reusing parts again, Doc. This critter has the same body as the Velociraptor and the same legs as the Dilophosaurus, which aren’t exactly in keeping with pachycephalosaur anatomy.”

“That’s correct, Beth. However, the small arms, which can also be found on the new Carnotaurus figure, are fitting for a Stygimoloch. And just look at that wonderful new head! Look at the beaky mouth, the many spiky knobs, and the four large spikes jutting out from the back of the animal’s cranium! It is quite unmistakable as a Stygimoloch! Or a young Pachycephalosaurus, if you prefer. Either way, this is a very fine Lego dinosaur indeed!”

“Colours aren’t bad either, Doc. Light brown base with orange-brown on the head and back, medium brown stripes, beige for the mouth parts, cranial dome, spikes, and claws, and big brown eyes that give this dino a kind of puppy dog appearance. It’s totally meant to represent ‘Stiggy,’ who wreaks havoc on some baddies during the climax of JW:FK.”

“Those dastardly miscreants had it coming, Beth. And speaking of miscreants, here we have the devious Dr. Henry Wu and an unnamed mercenary guard. The latter is armed with a tranquiliser rifle while Wu is equipped only with a coffee mug. Wu also features two facial expressions: a nefarious grin and a cold scowl.”

“Stinking creeps, both of them! And now, Doc, I guess it’s time for us to start building the set, right?”

“Astute deduction, Beth!”

“So here’s Stiggy’s holding pen, and dang, talk about inhumane quarters! This is way too small for a dinosaur this size, for any amount of time!”

“I must sadly concur, Beth. Even the raising door doesn’t go high enough for Stiggy to enter smoothly. Mind your head!”

“To be fair though, Doc, a larger-sized pen would have made this set more expensive. And there’s some neat features behind the pen. Namely, a ladder leading up to the observation window as well as Wu’s work station. The computer monitor shows an X-ray of Stiggy’s head and there are a couple of dinosaur eggs in a glass case. On the wall is a dinosaur-themed calendar with June 8 marked off. This date doesn’t match up with any of the release dates for JW:FK, but it’s possible that this is some inside joke on the designer’s part. Lego designers are known for that.”

“Interesting, Beth. But what truly makes this set fun are the breakaway walls! Yes, you can emulate Stiggy’s escape by having her smash through the rear wall of the pen, toppling over the work station and the adjacent window! Go, Stiggy, go!”

“So yeah, overall, Stygimloch Breakout is a pretty cool set. Good build, lots of neat pieces, fun features, and a unique dinosaur figure! Available wherever Lego sets are sold, folks!”

“And now, Beth, let us assist Stiggy in the dispensation of justice! Tally ho!”

BRING ME THANOS! Yeah, yeah, wrong movie, but I just love that line!”

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