Triceratholestes (Predasaurs DNA Fusion by Simba)

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Review and photos by Takama, edited by Suspsy

After reviewing the blog’s first hybrid dinosaur that has nothing to do with Jurassic Park, I decided to review the rest of the figures I own in this series. Picking the next one to review was something I did at random, and here is the winner.


Today’s DNA Fusion Predasaur is a Triceratops and Ornitholestes hybrid called a “Triceratholestes,” and the name given to him is Kabell. Kabell is a rather uninteresting-looking creature, as his design reminds me a lot of the Ultimasaurus that was originally slated for the JP Chaos Effect line back in 1999 before the line got canned.


The most prominent feature on this little guy is the ceratopsian frill jutting out the back of a theropod head. On top of the cranium is a pair of large brow horns. Although it’s hard to notice from a distance, this figure also has a rostrum from the Triceratops side of his genes. However, only the top jaw has part of the rostrum present. Being part Ornitholestes, you might be wondering what parts from that dinosaur that this guy shares. Well, to be honest, there is not much to be seen. The skull sort of looks like that of Ornitholestes if you squint, but the massive teeth and eyes make it hard to tell if it’s just my mind playing tricks with me, or if they really did a little research for this guy.


The back has a row of spines jutting out and the hands have only three fingers with stubby claws, as opposed to the long, therizinosaur-like claws found on the Tyrantegosaurus. Kabell’s weapon of choice is a hammer with a copper head and two spikes jutting out of it. That thing looks like it could do some serious damage! The colours on this toy are varying shades of purple with a dark blue wash covering the back. The horns on the head and the bosses on the frill are coloured silver while the teeth are glow-in-the-dark green just like the Tyrantegosaurus.


Once again, I can’t seriously recommend this to those who like realistic replicas. The reason I review these figures is just so we can have a little more variety on the blog. As with the rest of the Predasaurs DNA Fusion line, obtaining this specific figure will be hard if you look on eBay. But as of the time of this writing, Dejankins has him for sale for a reasonable price (Kabell is #22 in the Predasaurs DNA Fusion line on this page).

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