Triceratops (DINO by Lego)

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“Salutations, fellow dinosaur lovers! I am Dr. Bella Bricking and here with me is Beth Buildit. Time to review another Lego dinosaur!”

“And I’m guessing that opera helmet has something to do with it, Doc?”

“That’s correct, Beth! Today we’ll be looking at the huge and horned Triceratops!”

“Right, horns, I get it. But why the blonde wig?”

“Attached to the helmet, Beth. This is Lego, after all!”


“Cute, Doc. Anyway, the Triceratops is made up of six parts. Once assembled, this big boy measures a good 19 cm long. He’s easily capable of going toe to toe with any of those hornheads from Battat, CollectA, or Wild Safari!”


“I prefer to avoid such violence, Beth. Now, the main colours are medium and pale brown with dark brown spots, beige hooves, grey epoccipitals, horns, and beak, and yellow eyes. Oh, and the horns and beak are made of rubberized plastic to ensure children’s safety.”


“Which doesn’t detract from their awesome appearance, Doc. This Triceratops looks tough and powerful. The head’s the most impressive part, especially with that sweet-looking frill, but the limbs are also pretty well-defined.”

“Indeed. Although it’s worth noting that the hands have one too many hooves, Beth.”


“I don’t think too many kids care that much, Doc.”

“Debatable, Beth, debatable. Another big plus is the Triceratops‘ articulation. The limbs rotate at the shoulders and hips and the head is on a universal joint, meaning it can raise up and down as well as rotate in either direction. The studs on the back are arranged 2×3 and the feet snap onto Lego surfaces.”


“Darn right, Doc. I’d say this is the best Lego dinosaur we’ve covered yet. Large size, great colour scheme, good articulation, and a definite personality to it. What’s not to like?”

“I second that, Beth. Sadly, the Triceratops is the rarest of all the Lego dinosaurs. It appears in only one set, 5885: Triceratops Trapper. Anyone wanting this toy will almost certainly have to pay a substantial amount.”


“Sheesh. That’s a real bummer. You’d think they’d have brought it back for the Jurassic World line. Triceratops did show up in the movie, even if it was only for a couple of short scenes.”

“Indeed. Oh well, perhaps there will be another dinosaur-themed series sometime in the future. In the mean time, thank you for joining us, dear friends. We shall see you next time!”

“Good boy, Topsy! You’re a good boy!”


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  • […] shoulders and hips rotate, her mouth opens wide, and her head is on a universal joint just like the Triceratops. She’s got great play value. Her hands can grip Lego accessories, her feet attach solidly to […]

  • The Lego version of the Trike is better than the playmobile Trike for one reason. You can ride the Lego version. Of course when I say you, I am referring to all the toys that read the blog at night when we go to bed. 😉

    Another great review Suspsy.

  • This is my favorite of the Lego dinos so far! The coloring is great and it just looks nice and sturdy. Great photos, suspsy. 🙂

    • It is indeed an excellent toy. I’d have gone absolutely crazy over these Lego dinos as a kid.

      Bella and Beth are not done yet. Stay tuned!

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