Triceratops (Roarivores)(Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom by Mattel)

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Review and photos by Emperor Dinobot, edited by Suspsy

Continuing with my reviews of the Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Roarivores, we now have the Triceratops!

As with the other Roarivores, the packaging feature an exploding volcano in the background and a high tech dinosaur enclosure on the back and front. We know from the movie trailer that Isla Nublar is in trouble, and for the first time since 1997, people are actually trying to get the dinosaurs off the island. The packaging for all the Roarivores is open so kids can try the dinosaurs’ action features. The instructions are featured in a multitude of languages. The figure uses three A76 batteries, as it is customary with electronic JP dinosaurs.

Let’s just get the one thing I do not like about the Triceratops out of the way: the tail is too long. It’s so long it comes separate from the body, but this is an accurate representation to the film version of Triceratops. At least they got the number of toes right. Otherwise, it’s a fine addition to any JP collection.

The body is molded in terracotta-colored plastic. It is hard plastic, but it is thick and does not feel cheap. The top of the back is done in an espresso coffee brown, as are the edges of the frill and the eyes. The horns are done in gray. The claws are not painted. The back of the hind limbs are sprayed in a light brown color. The sculpt overall is very nice, with skin folds all over its lower regions.

Like all Roarivores, the Triceratops produces sounds. The soundbox though is striped instead of hole-y as it is on the theropods. I do not know why this is so, since they are all equally loud. The JP logo is stamped on its right food while the left has the sticker for the Jurassic World Facts app. All you have to do is download the app, scan the code, and you will get facts on Triceratops!

Pressing the button on the sacrum will activate four different noises, 3/4 of them featuring Tyrannosaurus doing battle with Triceratops, as well as activate the motion which causes the Trike to raise its head up and sideways. The neck joint is loose and is guided by gravity, so shaking the animal causes the neck to thrash around, whether it is in neutral pose or in attack pose. This I find very cool. The hips and shoulders are ball-jointed.

Compared to the original Triceratops, this one might seem a bit too small. It is still quite large at 12 inches long and 5 inches tall at the hips. It might be best suited for interaction with 3.75 inch tall figures.

This figure is by no means perfect, but accurate to a JP/JW Triceratops. Highly recommended if you are a fan of dinosaur action figures like myself. Available from Amazon here.

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  • Great sculpt – I do wish it was grey, but that really isn’t a criticism. Puts the JW toys from Hasbro to shame. Hopefully, mattel will make an indominus rex figure too.

  • Just picked up this lovely trike a couple days ago- I love how it’s so reminiscent of “Crash” McCreery’s artwork for the original Jurassic Park! The detailing is wonderful, and I really like how the plastic has darker speckles throughout. It’s just a great color scheme. Reviewer makes a good point on how the plastic feels pretty sturdy, and not cheap. Mattel is really destroying Hasbro’s previous JW line!

  • I’m so glad Mattel has given us so many film accurate sculpts, this Triceratops included. In particular I love the attention to detail with the scutes or larger scales pattern on the body and head that can be seen on the animatronic and the concept art for the first film (although Kenner’s first JP toy Triceratops was similar in this regard). I also am really digging the head sculpt on this one as well.

  • All the Mattel dinosaurs (minus the mini’s) are in scale to 3.75

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