Triceratops (skull) (Favorite Co. Ltd.)

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I would love a Triceratops skull cast for my living room. Unfortunately, while such things look magnificent and provide a wonderful talking point for any bemused people one might have dragged in off the street, they also tend to cost a small fortune and occupy a rather large amount of space. How fortunate then for lunatics like me that Favorite produce a line of shrunken* replica dinosaur skulls, and naturally they’ve included Triceratops in the lineup.

As everyone who’s seen one up close agrees, Triceratops had a pretty awesome head. It might not have exhibited the flamboyance of other ceratopsians, but they were just showing off and besides, Triceratops‘ skull is elegant and to the point(s). Fortunately Favorite have replicated it excellently down to the last miniaturised detail. This really is an impressive piece – one need only take a look down through the back of the skull to realise that. It’s all there.

Hats off to the sculptor – the extreme attention to detail is very admirable indeed. The tiny shearing teeth are even sharp to the touch, and there is no definition lost either at the ends of the horns and beak. If you have kids, don’t leave them in the room with this thing – it’ll have their eye out. Not even if you have grown to intensely dislike your children. Not even if they’ve stolen your favourite dinosaur toy and refuse to stop playing with it. The Dinosaur Toy Blog cannot condone such actions.

This may well go down as my shortest review ever – as you can probably tell there really isn’t a lot to add. Basically, it’s a very fine use of resin indeed, and a must-buy for fans of bizarre-looking giant horned extinct animals.  If you don’t have the cash or space for a full-size cast (and I hope you don’t as I’ll get very envious) this is definitely the next best thing. It’s quite affordable too – mine set me back about £40, which isn’t too bad at all for such a hefty, well-crafted item. Highly recommended. I’ll leave you with a further photo.

*They are all shrunken except for the Velociraptor skull, which is life size.

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  • Zach – is there anything going on? Can’t see anything seriously wrong with it but then I have an alarming tendency to miss the blindingly obvious. Do enlighten me…if you can tell me I’ll stick it up in the review, acknowledge you and point out how blind I am.

  • What’s going on with the posterior end of the maxilla, there?

    I have two skulls in this line–Protoceratops and Parasaurolophus. I am impressed every time I see them by the attention to detail and accuracy of both sculpts.

  • I think you may safely count the many readers of this blog as fellow lunatics where such things are concerned. 😀

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