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Review: Allosaurus (Desktop model by Dinostoreus)

4.6 (9 votes)
Review and photos by Dan Liebman of Dan’s Dinosaurs
The Dinostoreus “Desktop” Allosaurus model has a generous heft to it, both in physical weight and price – as of the time this review was written, she typically sells for at least $70 before shipping.  Given the price tag, it would only be fair to ask: is it worth it?

Review: Allosaurus (Desktop model by Favorite Co. Ltd, sculpted by Michael Trcic)

4.9 (7 votes)
Back in 2010 I treated myself to a pair of statues and reviewed one of them shortly thereafter (Stegosaurus reviewed here). The second model has spent the last half decade standing proudly in my flat, begging for the review that never seemed to come.

Review: Allosaurus (Kinto Favorite Desktop Model)

4.7 (6 votes)
Following the split with Dinostoreus in the United States, the Japanese manufacturer Favorite (formerly known as Kinto) has developed several unique dinosaur collectibles. The most interesting of these can arguably be found in their desktop model line, which features detailed polyresin statues of popular species. Their first release for 2010 is a 1:40 scale Allosaurus, a well-known creature that stands apart from its desktop peers with a striking blue coloration.

Review: Allosaurus (Soft Model Series 1 by Favorite Co. Ltd.)

3.9 (10 votes)
Despite representing the same genus, Favorite co’s first take on the famous Jurassic theropod is remarkably different their their currently-produced version.
Although Allosaurus is less of a star in dinosaur pop culture than it used to be, the genus is still a mainstay in toy lines.

Review: Allosaurus (Soft Model Series 2 by Favorite Co. Ltd.)

4.2 (13 votes)
If you like your dinosaurs well detailed, accurately sculpted, and shrink wrapped in true 1990’s fashion than look no further than Favorite’s latest take on some of our favorite classic dinosaurs. Favorite Co. Ltd. is a Japanese company formally known as Kinto. Their first series of dinosaurs consisted of a line of well-made and mostly accurate dinosaurs, all popular classics, none of them obscure.

Review: Amargasaurus (Desktop model by Favorite Co. Ltd.)

3.4 (8 votes)
Most sauropods tend to more or less look similar; big body, long neck long tail. Rarely will a sauropod possess any distinguishing characteristics beyond those three things. Then there is Amargasaurus. This dinosaur was a smaller (relatively speaking) sauropod from the early Cretaceous in what is now Argentina.
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Review: Ankylosaurus (Soft model by Favorite Co. Ltd.)

3.8 (8 votes)
This Ankylosaurus from Favorite is one of the best plastic ankylosaurs out there. It’s just not Ankylosaurus

A little background: in 2004, a paper by Ken Carpenter was published that redescribed Ankylosaurus and finally gave it a definitive modern ‘look’.

Review: Ankylosaurus (Soft Model Series 2 by Favorite Co. Ltd.)

4.4 (11 votes)
Review and photographs by Mikko aka Dinomike, edited Plesiosauria.
This magnificent version of Ankylosaurus magniventris has been very difficult to obtain in Europe since the import prices from Japan are quite steep. However, I managed to obtain this Late Cretaceous creature when a shop in Britain finally took Favorite’s Soft Model series in their selection.

Review: Apatosaurus (Soft model by Favorite Co. Ltd.)

4.6 (7 votes)
As promised, we present today the second of the sauropods in Favorite’s ‘soft model’ collection – Apatosaurus, a real dinosaur toy staple. (For more Apatosaurus, see here (Schleich Replica-Saurus), here (the old Wild Safari), here (Great Dinos Collection) and here (Invicta).) Insert a line about “Brontosaurus” here as is obligatory.

Review: Archaeopteryx (Soft Model by Favorite Co. Ltd.)

4.9 (11 votes)
In 2017, Favorite Co. Ltd. surprised collectors with two new figures for their soft model collection. I reviewed the first figure, a new quadrupedal Spinosaurus, previously on this blog. Today let’s look at the second model, Archaeopteryx. Despite its legendary status as the “first bird,” (its true cladistic position has been debated several times in the past), there are surprisingly few Archaeopteryx toys on the market today, much less many that strive for good scientific accuracy.

Review: Archelon (Favorite Co. Ltd.)

4.7 (12 votes)

Review and photographs by Loon, edited by Suspsy.

Too often, I see people dismiss Archelon as “just a large sea turtle.” Understandably, this makes many toy companies shy away from producing figures of it, since any modern sea turtle figure could be used as a substitute if that were really the case.

Review: Baryonyx (Favorite Co. Ltd.)

4.8 (15 votes)

Review and images by PhilSauria, edited by Suspsy

Over the last few years, and probably earlier, there have been multiple versions of the same species across the annual releases by the various brands. This year (well, mostly 2018), that dubious honour has gone to Baryonyx, being the recipient of figures from Favorite, Mattel, Mojo, and CollectA.

Review: Brachiosaurus (Oldies desktop model by Kinto/Favorite Co. Ltd.)

4.2 (6 votes)
Review and Photos by ‘Tyrantqueen’. Edited by ‘Plesiosauria’.
Continuing  with our reviews of the Oldies model series, here we have the 1950s tail-dragging Brachiosaurus sculpted by Kazunari Araki (as is the entire Oldies line). The most well-known species of Brachiosaurus now goes by the name of Giraffatitan brancai (formerly Brachiosaurus brancai).

Review: Brachiosaurus (Soft model by Favorite Co. Ltd.)

4.8 (6 votes)
“Brachiosaurus” brancai comes to the Dino Toy Blog yet again. Of course, it isn’t really “Brachiosaurus” brancai, but rather Giraffatitan brancai, the big old brachiosaur from Africa having recently acquired a genus of its very own, albeit unfortunately a genus coined by Greg Paul on one of his off days (heresy!).
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