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Okay, there we go, the 250th Tyrannosaurus review on the blog….. Nah, seriously, I made up that number, I could not stand counting them all, but the blog has 13 pages with each 15 entries that are dedicated to the Tyrant King alone or where it is a significant part. For me myself it is the 7th review to this species and I am not a particular fan of it. That being said, here it is, Rebor´s newest addition to the front line of dinosaur toys, Tyrannosaurus rex Typ A which only relates to the color scheme (Typ B comes with red head, dark back and yellow body and tail).

Now, I don´t wont to tell you anything about the animal because I have nothing to add that you do not already read a dozen times, so let´s go straight ahead…

Rebor quite recently came up with their Grab ´n´Go line, a product line of unusually big, but fairly cheap models. First was their immense Komodo Dragon reviewed on the ATB. For a Tyrannosaurus figure a lenght of 40 cm from snout to tail may not be too exaggerated, but it still stands out amongst the likes of Safari, Papo or Schleich, towering at around 16.5 cm at the head.

While a lot of collectors may be biased about Rebor´s offerings, probably none can deny the quality of their sculpts in terms of detailing. This rex is no exception. It has an overall leathery skin with scattered tubercles. Head, feet and underside are decked in scales which are especially fine and superbly sculpted in the head. The pose depicts the tyrant in a walking pose, jaws wide agape to expose the fairly large and sharp teeth from a lipsless mouth. Unlike a some of Rebor´s products, this T. rex is no movie copy, but it also deviates not too far from that design. In proportions it seems to relate more to Stan than Sue, hence the smaller head. Muscles and some bones as ribs or shoulder blade can be recognized under the skin, but while from side views the figure looks rather athletic than emaciated, the dorsal view shows it quite narrow. Not as bad as I suspected from some in hand images on the net, but some more bulk to the waistline would not have hurt. The arms are appropriately small with fingers of differing lenght, the feet are especially nice. Long, scaled metatarsals and thickly padded toes with comparably short and blunt claws just look so right on a large theropod.

While the hollow vinyl makes the figure fairly lightweight it unfortunately cannot support its weight indefinetly. My figure stood fine right out of the box, but only for like an hour. A clear rod with base is included, so no real problem there, but a self supporting figure would have been much nicer. As the tail tip touches the ground one could think, this tripod pose should provide enough stability, but in fact my figure stood firmly on just its left leg and the tip of its tail, the right foot did do nothing for the stabiliy – but as said, just for an hour. This however shows, the figure is not front heavy as the rod would suggest, but suffers from the hollowness of the legs.

I paid 17,50 € for this G´n´G T. rex and I do not regret it. In fact I recommend this figure. Not only will you be hard pressed to find a better sculpted T. rex for this price/size ratio, but it also would make a great (and safe) toy for a dinosaur enthusiastic kid.

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  • Great review and images. This one (eventually) arrived at my door about a week ago and the issues you have described here in terms of stability pretty much sum up my experience with it as well. I don’t have issues with the narrow waist as, unless you attach it upside down to the ceiling or something, how often are you likely too see it from that angle? I have left mine on its plastic travel base and used the support rod for my Battat Tyrannosaurus, which developed a standing issue over the years since I bought it. Good to see another non-JP inspired Tyrannosaurus, although Rebor do seem to have given it a scowl around the eyes just the same. On the whole I’m pleased with my purchase though.

  • Nice figure, perhaps one of the best scientific tyrannosaurus on the market, in this case a non-feathered tyrannosaurus is in the ranking of the best scientific tyrannosaurus rex and at the same height as other tyrannosaurs such as Collecta, Safari and PNSO to give other examples .

    As a negative criticism is its considerable size and its lack of stability I like the figure but due to economic problems I am glad I did not buy it due to its lack of stability. Sincerely, I would have liked it to come in my case from my humble point of view with a non-removable base as happened in the past with the Collecta theropores. I think a non-removable base is the best bet.

    Magnificent review and sincerely, the tyrannosaurus rex is a figure that many forum members and collectors complain about for being a highly represented figure in the toy market but in the end no collector can resist buying a new updated version of tyrannosaurus rex, both scientific as of film. Thank you Rebor for your work!

  • I’m afraid this is only the 187th T. rex review on the blog. Clearly, we shall have to work even harder to achieve 250.

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