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Review: Acrocanthosaurus (Hercules by Rebor)

3.2 (23 votes)
Review by Galen “Shadowknight1” Hesson and photography by tyrantqueen
When most people think of large predatory dinosaurs from North America in the Cretaceous period, they usually think of Tyrannosaurus rex. Fair enough. He’s big, he’s mean, and he’s been well known for a long time, allowing many different models to be made of him.

Review: Ceratosaurus dentisulcatus (‘Savage’ by Rebor)

2.8 (11 votes)
Review and photographs by joossa, edited by Plesiosauria.
Ceratosaurus dentisulcatus, or “Savage”, is the fourth 1/35 scale theropod model produced by Rebor, following after their Utahraptor or “Wind Hunter”. The animal represented by this model is the larger of the named and described Ceratosaurus species and is a welcomed addition to the Rebor line mostly due to the lack of other highly detailed Ceratosaurus models available.

Review: Deinonychus and Tenontosaurus (Cerberus Clan and Ceryneian Hind by Rebor)

4.4 (7 votes)
Review and photos by Apatosaurus3232, edited by Suspsy
It’s been awhile since a Rebor product was reviewed on the blog. So this will be a two-part review of the Ceryneian Hind (Tenontosaurus tilletti) and Cerberus Clan (Deinonychus antirrhopus). These are parts 2 and 3 to the Acrocanthosaurus model that completes the diorama.

Review: Dimorphodons (REBOR)

3.7 (10 votes)
Review and photographs by Lanthanotus, edited by Suspsy
Here comes a review I’m really excited about! Well, not about the review itself, but the models. When I first encountered REBOR while reading the Dinosaur Toy Forum, I was thrilled by the level of detail and the paint jobs on their models, but being not too keen about toothy theropods, I did not decide to buy any of them.

Review: Ekrixinatosaurus (Rebor)

2.8 (36 votes)

“It stinks!” — Jay Sherman

Most of the toys reviewed on this blog have been purchased by the reviewers. There are rare exceptions, and while I can’t speak for other reviewers, I’m always careful to disclose if I’m reviewing a complimentary copy. But by and large, they’re figures we liked enough to spend money on, and so reviews tend to be more positive than negative.

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Review: Hatchling T. Rex “Rudy” (Club Selection by REBOR)

4.5 (36 votes)
Review and photos by predasaurskillekor, edited by Suspsy
When Sideshow Collectibles revealed their Brachiosaurus hatchling in 2009, it might have inspired REBOR to create their own take on a hatching dinosaur. The REBOR Club Selection line features only limited edition models numbering about 1000 worldwide. After their first two non-limited edition models (Yutyrannus huali and the T.

Review: Stegosaurus (Garden) (Rebor)

3.9 (65 votes)

Before we begin the review, I would like to thank Happy Hen Toys for sending this figure along as a review sample. Happy Hen Toys is a U.S. distributor of animal figures, including some that are otherwise hard to come by in the United States. I highly recommend that you check out their selection.

Review: Stegosaurus (Scout Series ‘Melon’ by REBOR)

4.6 (14 votes)
Stegosaurus is one of the most popular and recognizable dinosaurs and almost without any exception any given toy company or producer of prehistoric creatures has one or more of them in their line up. But as same as for other species, almost no company offers reconstructions of juvenile versions of this spectacular species.

Review: Titanoboa cerrejonensis (Monty, premium edition, by Rebor)

4.3 (24 votes)

“If you should wonder through the jungles of Colombia, watch out. If you see a quick object move through the brush, lose hope as you are in the realm of…….TITANOBOA!!!!!! See it’s 42 foot long body lunge from the water!!! Quake as it’s thick body constricts the life out of it’s prey!!!!

Review: Triceratops horridus (The Fallen Queen Ver. 2) (Rebor)

4.3 (10 votes)

The large female browses peacefully, unaware of the danger she is in. Her huge frill and horns block her vision, and the predator approaches from behind. Stealthily, the Tyrannosaurus moves into position. By the time the queen has realised her danger, it is too late, as the king sinks it’s huge teeth deep into her neck.

Review: Tyrannosaurus “Kiss” (Rebor)

4.9 (68 votes)

Right when it was announced, I was keen to lay my hands on Rebor`s new release, „Kiss“, the lipped Tyrannosaurus. Now, back in the time I grew up a lipped theropod was nothing exotic, it was the standard way a carnivor dinosaur would be depicted, though, admitted, most often had their mouths wide open and expose their teeth to fresh air.

Review: Tyrannosaurus “Retrosaurus” (Rebor)

4.8 (49 votes)

A long waiting time ended, but eventually another King joined the collection.

According to Rebor, Tyrannosaurus rex figures are the bread and butter for any dinosaur toy producing company. Basically every company has this species in their portfolio (well, with the exception of Eofauna as of yet), ofttimes with multiple figures.

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