Tyrannosaurus rex (DINO by Lego)

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“Hear ye, hear ye, fellow dinosaur lovers! Queen Dr. Bella Bricking is here, and at my side stands my loyal and brave companion, Lady Beth Buildit.”

“I asked you not to call me that, Doc.”

“I cheerfully apologize, dear Beth. Now, can you guess what dinosaur we’ll be reviewing today?”

“Well gee, let me think. This is just a wild guess, but would it be Tyrannosaurus rex?”


“That is correct! The undisputed sovereign, the most famous and fearsome dinosaur of them all! Art thou ready, Beth?”

“Let’s rock, your Highness.”


“The T. rex is comprised of eight pieces, the most of any Lego dinosaur. It is also the largest dinosaur and indeed, one of the largest Lego animal figures to date. It stands 10 cm tall at the hips and measures 29 cm from nose to tail tip. The only figures that exceed it in size are the dragons from the Castle and Hobbit lines. And not by very much!


“Darn tootin’, Doc. And don’t forget that this bad gal boasts the most articulation out of all the dinos. Her shoulders and hips rotate, her mouth opens wide, and her head is on a universal joint just like the Triceratops. She’s got great play value. Her hands can grip Lego accessories, her feet attach solidly to base plates, and she has a 2×4 configuration of studs on her back. Perfect for riding or building on. Too bad a certain someone wouldn’t let me attach that heavy weapons platform I worked so hard on!”


“I told you to let that go, Beth. Now, our T. rex is coloured medium brown and moss green with dark brown stripes, black, red, and yellow eyes, and yellowish teeth and claws. She hails from set 5887: Dino Defense HQ. A red version appears in 5886: T. Rex Hunter. And 75918: T. Rex Tracker from this year’s Jurassic World line contains the famous Rexy in different shades of brown. As well, the body and hind limbs of this toy are used for the titular monster in 75919: Indominus Rex Breakout. What a dreadful beast that was!”


“Ehh, that walking mishmash got its comeuppance in the end though, Doc. And speaking of science or lack of it, how would you rate the accuracy on this toy?”

“Mixed, Beth. The hands are pronated and the feet are oversized. The body is also too narrow, although that was probably done intentionally to ensure that the parts would all fit into the box properly. But the head is very well done indeed. It has the proper profile and dimensions for a T. rex, including stereoscopic vision. It even has a bit of that controversial ‘shrink-wrapping’ going on in that the fenestrae are clearly visible. The eyes look menacing and the teeth are sharp enough to satisfying, yet still safe for a young child to play with. Overall, it certainly captures the essence of the tyrant lizard!”


“Yeah, the T. rex is hands down my favourite out of the whole lot, Doc. But as with all the Lego dinosaurs we’ve covered, this one doesn’t come cheap. A quick eBay search just might make you cry. You may still be able to locate the Jurassic World sets in stores, but those aren’t easy on the wallet either!”

“Lego certainly is an expensive hobby, Beth. But it is everlasting fun.”


“Yeppers. And on that note, your Majesty, I think it’s time for us to call it a wrap. Later, folks! And here, girl, have some grub. You’ve been very good today.”

“Huzzah! Fare thee well, fellow dinosaur lovers! And worry not, we shall return soon!”

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