Tyrannosaurus rex (Wildlife Artists)

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Review and photos by Bryan Divers, edited by Suspsy

Tyrannosaurus rex is the most famous dinosaur of all. It is the archetypal theropod, with short arms, big legs, and long toothy jaws. It is everything that a theropod should be in our imaginations. Tyrannosaurus is unique, though, in being one of the only dinosaurs known from multiple fossil finds. Because of this, we know what the entire animal probably looked like.

Here is a small Tyrannosaurus that I snapped up on eBay. It was made for the collection known as Small of the Wild, designed by Wildlife Artists. It is a gray-green colour with brown suede feet and arms. The mouth is lined with white felt teeth and dark red material. The eyes are yellow with crocodilian-like slits for pupils, which is a nice touch. Some minor details, like the nostrils, claws, and some wrinkles on the arms, are airbrushed. There is some stitching on the top of the head to outline the ridges over the eyes.

Although this probably isn’t the most detailed rendition of Tyrannosaurus, even in plush form, I have to say that I enjoy the simplicity of it, as well the colours and the pose. It’s pose reminds me of the British Museum’s reconstruction of Tyrannosaurus and the Marx Tyrannosaurus. The color appeals to me because I am partial to green Tyrannosaurus toys ever since my love of dinosaurs was taken to a whole new level with the game Dinosaur Hunter 2.0, which also depicted the Tyrannosaurus as a shade similar to this toy.

I snapped her up on eBay for about $7.99; you might be able to find one there too.

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  • If there is still a perfect rendition of T.rex in market, to my opinion, PNSO Wilson T.rex based on Stan and other T.rex specimens, is the best one in anatomy or morphology. It is a highly researched model of this magnificent animal.

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