Upland Moa (Forgotten Friends Series B by Yowie)

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When most people think of the Moa, it is likely they will only think about the giants of these birds, specifically the South Island Giant Moa. The reality is, however, that there were many Moa species across New Zealand, filling niches that in other parts of the world are filled by mammals. Yowie set out to change this perception by making not one, but three Moa models. Here, we look at the final one they made, the Upland Moa, Megalapteryx didinus. The smallest of the Moas, measuring less than one meter, this Moa inhabited the mountainous regions of the southern island of New Zealand, feeding on vegetation high above the other Moas. This may have helped it to outlast the rest, as it was the final Moa species to go extinct, surviving until the early 16th century. Let’s take a closer look.

This is positioned in a natural position for any Moa, a horizontal position, rather than the vertical one most will go for. A Moa’s connection point between skull and vertebrae is at the back, not underneath, so while it could be upright standing, it wouldn’t be for too long. The figure, as to be expected with Yowie, is small, measuring 2.2″ long and 1.4″ high. There is a little wiggle to the legs and head, giving it a little movement. The colour is a mix of browns and black, which works well for a herbivore.

Accuracy here should be pretty good, as the Upland Moa has some of the best preserved specimens, including soft tissue preservation from the cooler environment. This one is spot on, lacking wings and a tail, the aforementioned head position and the covering of feathers covering all the way up to the beak. The feathers on the legs should go lower, as the feathers actually extend to the feet. Apart from this, pretty fantastic.

I adore this little fella. A well made piece to commemorate the now extinct Moas, truly showing how they diversified. The Upland Moa is unique to this line, so other options aren’t available as of this review, but I still highly recommend this figure. As the line is long since discontinued, eBay is your best bet, and I advise you to get it. It doesn’t disappoint.

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