Tyrannosaurus rex (Walking with Dinosaurs collection, by Toyway)

Eleven dinosaur figures were produced by the company Toyway, to accompany the TV series ‘Walking with Dinosaurs’. I recall my eyes bulging out of their sockets when I first came across these little gems in a local toy shop in Bath. I was visiting the town with a group of fellow palaeontology students: presumably the shop owners had no idea why their entire stock of Utahraptors was wiped out in the space of 5 minutes by a bunch of grinning young adults, but presumably they didn’t care either! I later completed my collection in the Natural History Musuem, London, getting my hands on the rare Liopleurodon. (reviewed here). These are really great figures, with plenty of colour and character, the species in the collection represent some of the major players in the TV series.

Tyrannosaurus (walking with dinosaurs)
photo by ‘Sbell’, used with kind permission.
The Tyrannosaurus is the only figure in the collection with a ‘rock’ moulded onto the foot for support.The WWD figures are no longer in production so they are difficult to find. They were predominantly released in the UK so they most frequently can be found on Ebay UK, but sometimes on Ebay US

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  2. Esta figura a mi sincero entender es quizás la peor de toda a serie. Hay otras que estan hechas de forma perfecta, en esta colección, pero en cuanto a esta… da mucho que desear. De hecho en España se siguen vendiendo en algunas tiendas, esta figura, las otras están por supuesto agotadas. debido a que no gustó a la gente. Además no se sostiene de pie.

  3. That isn’t a good deal at all andy. 🙂

  4. I don’t really like this figure, it ‘ugly’s up’ my Rex collection, I would trade my WwD Trex, Raptor & Allo for a Battat Diplo or Acro, Any takers?

  5. Hey,i have it!

    These figures came out here in Italy along with the “Walking with…” documentary series,too bad i managed to buy only the T.rex and the Allosaurus!

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