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Review: Allosaurus (Walking With Dinosaurs by Toyway)

4.1 (9 votes)
Review and photographs by Indohyus, edited by Suspsy
Before Tyrannosaurus was discovered and became a palaeontological superstar, there was another theropod that filled the role of the quintessential prehistoric predator: Allosaurus. Featured in early dinosaur media (such as being the main predator in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s classic novel, The Lost World), Allosaurus has still been able to gain some of the limelight, helped by very complete remains with some incredible injuries (Big Al).

Review: Ankylosaurus (Natural History Museum by Toyway)

3.9 (9 votes)
Photographs and review by Indohyus, edited by Suspsy
Ankylosaurus seems to capture the imagination of children and adults alike, mainly due to its morphology. Often described as a walking tank, its osteoderms provided a most impressive defence, not to mention the power behind its solid bone club, which could instantly smash the bones of even the most ruthless predators.

Review: Ankylosaurus (Walking with Dinosaurs by Toyway)

ankylosaurus walking with dinosaurs toyway

4.2 (17 votes)
The Walking with Dinosaurs collection by Toyway includes some of the most detailed and scientifically accurate dinosaur figures out there. The figures tie directly into the TV series ‘Walking with Dinosaurs’ and represent some of the major dinosaurs seen in the show. They are therefore identical to the on screen portrayals.

Review: Corythosaurus (Natural History Museum by Toyway)

3.3 (11 votes)
Review and photos by Paul Carter, edited by Suspsy
Corythosaurus, the “helmet lizard,” is one of the best-known “duck billed” dinosaurs. Discovered in 1914 in North America by Barnum Brown, it is a lambeosaurine hadrosaur and, like its more famous cousin Parasaurolophus, had a crest that possibly served as a sound chamber that gave the animal a distinctive call.

Review: Dinosaur Boxset 2 (Toyway)

4.6 (7 votes)
Review and photos by Indohyus, edited by Suspsy
We’ve all seen them. The crude dinosaur toys that you get in small museum shops for extremely cheap prices, normally just bought by parents to keep their children quiet for a while. The last thing you’d expect is to put six of these together and sell them as a box set.

Review: Diplodocus (Natural History Museum by Toyway)

3.8 (9 votes)

Here is the 2006 Toyway Diplodocus, ready to tap dance into your hearts, across your living room, and give comedic one timers. Couldn’t you just picture this model walking on stage to an in-studio audience applause and doing an opening monologue. Of course with that smile, it should do some toothpaste commercials as well.

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Review: Iguanodon (Walking with Dinosaurs by Toyway)

4.2 (15 votes)

Although a full review will be added in time, I just had to highlight the hind feet on this figure. As you can see below, they look more like alien feet than dinosaur feet; the four pedestal-like toes seem out of place on an Iguanodon sculpt that is otherwise very accurate.

Review: Leaellynasaura (Walking with Dinosaurs by Toyway)

4.7 (10 votes)
Review by Niroot ‘Himmapaan’ Puttapipat
The first reader to name more than three good hypsilophodontid figures gets a bean bun.
The scarcity of this family of dinosaurs in toy and model form is still a puzzle to me and something I’d long lamented. I can’t be alone in prizing neat, understated elegance over the populist vulgarity of teeth and claws, surely?

Review: Liopleurodon (Walking with Dinosaurs by Toyway)

4.9 (22 votes)
It’s time to continue our series of pliosaur figure reviews and this time we will look at the Walking with Dinosaurs Liopleurodon toy by Toyway. The WWD line has been out of production for some years and was only available locally for a short period of time, so this rare figure is quickly becoming a ‘holy grail’ for dinosaur collectors.

Review: Megalosaurus (Natural History Museum by Toyway)

2.4 (7 votes)

History:  166 million years ago during the middle Jurassic a predator named Megalosaurus prowled England.  In 1824 it became the first non-avian dinosaur to have a validly named genus.  From there its popularity grew and became a widely known dinosaur celebrity.  It received top billing at Crystal Palace Park where it was one of the three mascot dinosaurs. 

Review: Opththalmosaurus (Walking with Dinosaurs by Toyway)

4.7 (9 votes)
Toyway produced a set of 11 dinosaur figures for their now out of production Walking with Dinosaurs line. This number includes the pterosaur Ornithocheirus, which was only available as a magazine give-away and is thus almost impossible to find. For this reason many collectors consider a WWD set complete even without the pterosaur. 

Review: Plesiosaurus (Dinocrats by Toyway)

4.3 (7 votes)

This review is dated 2009 but that’s not really true at all. Sure, I clicked the publish button back in 2009, but the only content was some photographs and a promise to update the review properly later. A decade passed… no review. Still, the years continued to roll by… no review.

Review: Polacanthus (Walking With Dinosaurs by Toyway)


4.5 (10 votes)
From a bygone age in which Toyway still made half-decent dinosaur figures comes this spiky beast, their rendition of the British ankylosaur Polacanthus, part of their terrifyingly collectible figure line originally released to accompany the TV series Walking With Dinosaurs (and long since discontinued).

Review: Postosuchus (Walking With Dinosaurs by Toyway)

4.9 (10 votes)
Review and photographs by Indohyus, edited by Suspsy
Walking With Dinosaurs introduced the general public to a suite of extinct species that most people would never have heard of otherwise. Along with the dinosaurs themselves, it also covered several other ancient reptiles, including the review subject: Postosuchus, a Triassic relative of crocodilians that has been found in Arizona, New Mexico, North Carolina, and Texas.
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