Tsintaosaurus (CollectA)

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Tsintaosaurus was a duck-billed dinosaur, or hadrosaur, that lived in China about 84 to 71 million years ago.  Like many Lambeosaurs, Tsintaosaurus is believed to have sported a fancy crest on its head.  In this case, the crest is a skinny rod that stuck out above of the dinosaur’s face much like a mythical unicorn’s horn.  A while back it was believed that this crest is actually just a piece of the animal’s top jaw that had broken and become bent upwards.  Then another specimen was found with the exact same feature, thus leading most people once again to believe that this animal indeed sported a unicorn crest.  Today I will be reviewing for you CollectA’s rather interesting rendition of this unicorn dinosaur.

Well let’s get it out of the way because I know you are only staring at one thing right now.  It looks like the figure has a man’s genitals sitting atop its head. This is mainly due to the fact that the sculptor of this piece (who had to have been in a spiteful mood that day) decided to add on two air sacs under rod-shaped crest.  Air sacs are commonly depicted on hadrosaurs for the sake of the animals being able to produce loud noises much like the inflatable sacs on modern day frogs, toads and Frigate Birds.  Now for other species of hadrosaurs this looks perfectly fine and I have even seen renditions of Tsintaosaurus itself with little balloon sacs that simply differ in size or placement that look completely innocent…but this?  Come on!  Somebody had to be in on it.  They even went so far as to paint the crest and balloons a uniform differentiating color!

You would think somebody at CollectA would have noticed before this went into production

Okay, got it out of our system now?  Probably not and I totally understand.  I have had this little model for several weeks now and I still can’t look at it and keep a straight face.  How about now?  Eh, whatever I’m moving on.  On to the rest of the sculpt!  This little figure is actually pretty accurate for the most part.  Its fingers and toes have of the right number and length of digits.  All hadrosaurs had four digits on their forelimbs.  Digits one, two and three were of equal size and were most likely used for walking while digit four was highly reduced and likely was just along for the ride.  This is emulated in the figure quite nicely.  The face is also good.  It sports a nice flattened mouth which matches the actual skull.  The tail is the right length and sticks out straight and rigid behind it and there is a ridge of elongated neural arches going down the back.  The only complaint I have is the fact that the critter’s legs and ankles look awfully skinny.  Also, there is recent belief that ornithopod dinosaurs would have had their palms facing inward, much like all theropod dinosaurs did.  This figure has its palms facing back.

The detail on this guy isn’t bad.  It’s completely covered in little pebbly scales, which we know at least certain hadrosaurs actually had in life from actual fossil evidence.  It also has some nice wrinkles on the underside of its neck and two really nice, deep wrinkles going along either side of its belly.

The colors are nice too.  The dinosaur has a base color of very pale greenish yellow with bolder green colored soft pattern all over the body.  The finger tips and toes are dark brown and the eyes are orange with that same stupid vertical slit pupil that CollectA seems to love so much.  Annnnd the phallus crest is painted a bright traffic-cone orange as if it didn’t grab your attention enough already.

So all in all…this figure is pretty good.  That is of course if you don’t mind the fact that the crest looks the way it does.  It’s a little smaller than 1:40 scale but it still looks at home in a 1:40 scale collection.  It can easily be bought at any place that already sells CollectA dinosaur models for a low price.  Oh yeah did I mention its crest looks like genitals?  Because it does…okay just making sure.

Available from Amazon.com here.

Special thanks to forum member, Postsaurischian, for providing me with this figure to review!

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  1. If the mouth had been sculpted open as if its honking or hooting, then the swollen crest would’ve been more believable than comical. But…..

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  4. This is the funneyest dinosaur figure ive ever seen, I wonder what some parents reaction would be if they didint noticed the head before picking it up at the store for there child. My mom thinks its Hilarious

  5. Lo cierto es que el subgrupo de los lambeosaurinos dentro de los hadrosaurios no está demasiado representado hasta ahora.La cresta me parece bastante erótica y un poco cómica.Coincido con Manuel en que como punto de partida no está mal,pero la considero de calidad media-baja.

  6. Es una réplica vanguardista, y un pionero para la realización de nuevos Tsintaosaurus de mejor calidad

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  8. If you think that one has a phallic crest, you really should see the “Special” Tsintaosaurus from Dinosaur King….

  9. …and this review goes straight to the top of the most popular list. ;D

  10. Looks lke CollectA ballsed this one up. 🙂
    And Ben Zyl, you just reminded me of a Transformer I had when I was young that transformed from a jet to a robot, but the nosecone went into the groin area and looked suspiciously like, well, the robot’s wedding tackle.

  11. I wonder if it turns into a plane then it turns back again when you tug on its – winky?

  12. Clearly this animal was the inspiration for the old name Scrotus humanus. Is it even worth mentioning that Tsintaosaurus’ crest is thought to be hatchet-shaped now? There was a good talk at SVP last year about it. The spike crests are broken and only represent the portion of the crest made up by the nasals.

    • Remember that Scrotus humanus was a Megalosaurus thighbone discovered in 1676, and was the first-ever scientific name given to a fossil

  13. I already showed it to the girl im dating. I then proceeded to chase her around the room poking her with it. She loved it…er…i think.

  14. This is one for the ladies!

  15. Man, and people thought Dr Manhattan’s junk in Watchmen was distracting.

  16. This was obviously the prop comic of the dinosaurs.

  17. Marc (Horridus)

    Obviously CollectA are going with the popular idea, just invented by me, that this particular hadrosaur waved its…crest at predators and rivals to intimidate them…

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