Deinonychus (Bullyland)


Reading Horridus´ great review of the vintage Carnegie Deinonychus trio, another Deinonychus figure came into my mind. A base? Non – feathered? Dynamic, Bakker – inspired pose? Wait, yes – it´s the Bullyland Deinonychus!
It is tiger – coloured and striped, 14, 5 cm long and 8 cm tall, with the typical Bullyland approach that can easily be recognized. Has anyone ever asked himself how sculptors achieve that their companies can be quickly identified? Is there something like a “company code” for the figures´ layout? I am looking forward to a discussion at the forums!


However, Bullyland Deinonychus is a great figure for many reasons. At first we have its pose. Obviously, the sculptors´ inspiration was the famous 1969 Bakker illustration – a heretic icon 40 years ago, yet obsolete nowadays. The animal looks like it is on the hunt as a part of a pack, maybe they´re after a Tenontosaurus. Bullyland required a pile of stones for the Deinonychus to rest its foot on. In case the Deinonychus is really running, this step would be his last one before falling. But let´s prefer the theory that the hunt is at a slowly prowling stage, a short pause before the actual attack begins. Our little friend seems to show the others the direction by pointing its finger. Its stiff tail will help it to hold its balance.
Yes, the figure reveals lips, yes, the arms are incorrect. And yes, the eyes look like those of a frog. But the figure reveals great detail at every part of its body. And it is a great missing link between the clumsiness of the AAA Deinonychus and the new, hasty and exaggerated Bullyland Velociraptor. Many people still prefer imagining Dromaeosaurs like this one. And this Deinonychus is one of the figures they can cling to. And for more modern dinomaniacs it´s still a great figure to have in their collections.


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  1. Almost… but not really. Not really my drawing, kid. The Bullyland sculptor surely had it at hand as inspiration but he ended giving a “Jurassic Park” head to the beast. To be a faithful recreation of Ostrom’s and mine design, the snout should have been shorter and rounder. This is Bakker’s body with Stan Winston’s head.

    RAAAAGH!!!!! (hits the floor with his cane and dissapears in a heretic explosion)

    (yep, he loves theatre so much)

  2. Don’t see anything wrong with the lips. I think the eyes are also very nice.

  3. Es uno de mis preferidos aunque esté pasado de moda por el tiempo. Es una de los animales prehistóricos de Bullyland mejor esculpidos.

  4. Nothing wrong with the lips, necessarily…of course much else is out of date (especially it being scaley). Still this is a good sculpt.

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