Spinosaurus (Furuta)

Ever since it starred in a certain film in 2001, Spinosaurus has found its way into the hearts and minds of the general public and fanboys. Featured killing a sub-adult Tyrannosaurus in the movie, Spinosaurus has gained a reputation of being ferocious and omnipotent. This is reflected in many figures of this dinosaur, such as the offerings by Carnegie and Sideshow, which feature the dinosaur in a very active or at least roaring pose. However, the Spinosaurus figure by Furuta is featured in a much calmer pose, with its jaws closed (the poor fellows need to close their mouths sometimes).

One of the first things that comes to mind when looking at this figure is its rather vibrant color scheme. Similar to the Kinto Soft Model Spinosaurus, the Furuta Spinosaurus is quite orange. However, this figure is less garishly colored, with the body being a light brown. A cream colored line outlined with black and red markings adorn the body and the distinctive sail. The eyes and claws are painted with good detail, something that most figures lack. Its bright color scheme makes this neat little Spinosaurus figure stand out in any collection.

In addition to its unique paint job, the Furuta Spinosaurus has a great sculpt of well. Since Spinosaurus is known from very few fossil remains, some liberty can be given about accuracy. From what is known of the dinosaur, this figure appears to be quite accurate. The proportions don’t appear to be inaccurate, and the fact that the figure stands on two legs (thanks to the help of a base) is always a nice touch. Also, there is the fact that this figure is not roaring. This is quite natural, as the average predator doesn’t have its jaws opened constantly. The detailing, while not absolutely exquisite, is still nice, with mainly wrinkles and some scales on the feet (it is likely that the scales wouldn’t be very visible on a figure of such a small scale anyways).

However, there are some faults to be found with this figure. First of all, the figure is a very thin depiction of Spinosaurus. Even the sail shows all bones in it. In real life, a large apex predator such as Spinosaurus would probably be more muscular. In addition, the shape of the skull is inaccurate. The distinctive subnarial gap, while somewhat present, is not at all prominent when it should be very prominent. Finally, the arms should be larger with larger fingers and claws. From what we know of other spinosaurid remains, Spinosaurus most likely had large muscular arms and large claws on its fingers.

Despite some inaccuracies, the Furuta Spinosaurus is still a neat little figure worth having. However, the figure is only available for sale in Japan (Furuta is a Japanese company). If you wish to acquire it, then eBay is your best bet, as it is occasionally on sale there for no more than $10. If you are a fan of spinosaurids or theropods in general, this figure is certainly worth acquiring.

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  1. It’s around 6 inches long.

  2. Erick Fischert


  3. “Spinosaurus has gained a reputation of being ferocious and omnipotent.”

    Oh yeah? Can Spinosaurus make a square circle? Can it create a rock so heavy it cannot lift it? I call your bluff, Spinosauritians!

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