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Review: 3D Dinosaur Pictorial Book (The Access)

3.5 (47 votes)

Japan has a prolific industry for collectibles and merchandise, although it is a fairly insular market that western collectors might find tricky to break into. There are always new surprises to uncover from riches of new releases each year. One such item which caught my attention in 2022 was a set of minifigures produced by The Access, a company dedicated to planning, manufacturing, and wholesaling a variety of in-house products for multiple age ranges.

Review: Carnivorous Dinos (Toob by Safari Ltd.)

2.9 (27 votes)
When it comes to tubes of miniatures, or “toobs,” Safari Ltd. remains the undisputed ruler. That said, they haven’t released any new toobs in years, and many of their prehistoric-themed ones are really showing their age. Today we’ll be examining one such example, Carnivorous Dinos, consisting of twelve miniatures representing a veritable Who’s Who of Mesozoic (and one Paleozoic) Meanies.

Review: Dinos (Toob by Safari Ltd.)

3.5 (15 votes)
Safari’s very first prehistory toob is charming, but largely showing its age in the details and aesthetics of the figurines.
Toobs might be the unsung heroes of Safari Ltd.’s toy lines. I see them wherever Safari products are sold, even when their larger, standard-sized kin are absent.

Review: Dinosaur Advent Calendar 2020 (Schleich)

3.3 (8 votes)

Well, the holiday season is nearly upon us. No matter what this time means to you and what holiday you celebrate, it is a time to spread joy. This year certainly seems to need some, with everything that happened. It is now the time when many will choose a calendar to count down the days til the 25th.

Review: Dinosaur Mini Tub A (Papo)

2.6 (13 votes)
Review and photos by ‘Resurrection of the dinosaurs.’, edited by Suspsy
Today, we will be taking a look at Papo’s first tub of miniature dinosaurs, which contains Tyrannosaurus rex, Triceratops, Brachiosaurus, Stegosaurus, Spinosaurus, and Velociraptor.

Review: Dinosaurs III (Authentics Habitat Collection by Safari ltd.)

3.9 (13 votes)

The final set of Safari’s first forays into dinosaur miniatures features a charming blend of aesthetics, and also serves in retrospect as a tribute to a dawning hobby and its burgeoning artists.

In 1994, Battat was commissioned by the Boston Museum to produce what would become one of the most praised toy lines in dinosaur collecting.

Review: Onchopristis (Paleontology World by Damtoys)

3.6 (5 votes)

Spinosaurus is one of the most popular dinosaurs in figure form. The dinotoycollector website has more than 100 entries for the genus, and collectively we’ve reviewed more than 40 here on the blog. For that reason, I’m not going to spend much time on the new Spinosaurus statue by Damtoys, instead focusing on the fish that was included with it.

Review: Prehistoric Tube B (CollectA)

4.1 (13 votes)
Time again to downsize with CollectA’s second tube collection. Like the previous set I reviewed, this one came out in late 2015 and contains no fewer than ten teeny toy dinosaurs and other prehistoric monsters, a couple of them making their debut with CollectA.

First up is a bantam Amargasaurus, based on the Deluxe version.

Review: Six little dinosaurs (Tyrannosaurus, Mamenchisaurus, Amargasaurus, Ankylosaurus, Spinosaurus, Triceratops) (PNSO)

3.8 (17 votes)
Enter the PNSO! I first became aware of The Peking Natural Science-Art Organisation in March 2016, when I visited their offices and workshop in Beijing on a work-related business trip. It was with great excitement that I discovered this blossoming company has its sights set not only on literature and 2D palaeoart (my expectation going in), but also on commercially available 3D art as well: dinosaur toys.

Review: Spinosaurus (‘Animatronic’ version, Jurassic Park 3 by Hasbro)

2.9 (12 votes)
Review and photographs by Rajvinder “IrritatorRaji” Phull, edited by Plesiosauria
Spinosaurus is, without doubt, one of the most blood-curdling, spine-chilling, formidable creatures humanity has ever come across. A seven tonne crocodile-like monster measuring in at 18 meters from nose to tail. A conqueror of land and sea.

Review: Spinosaurus (1992) (Carnegie Collection by Safari Ltd.)

2.8 (12 votes)
For today’s review, we are going to travel back in time, to such an unimaginably distant era that the world as we know today it simply didn’t exist… specifically, the year 1992. For lovers of carnivorous dinosaurs, this was a simpler and more innocent time. Tyrannosaurus rex ruled with comfortable certainty as the biggest and baddest of them all; Archaeopteryx was the only dinosaur with feathers; a certain movie that was to forever confuse Deinonychus with Velociraptor in the popular imagination was still a year away from release; and we imagined that a relatively obscure carnivorous dinosaur called Spinosaurus looked something like this…

Today I am reviewing the original 1992 version of the Carnegie Collection Spinosaurus, which was in production until 1996.

Review: Spinosaurus (2008 version)(Schleich)

2.1 (15 votes)

Review by ‘Cordylus (AKA geckofan)’ and Dinotoyblog, photographs by “Cordylus (AKA geckofan)

It seems as though Schleich has seen the latest attempts by companies such as Papo and Safari Ltd and are now trying to get away from retro-style dinosaurs and on to new, more modern versions.

Review: Spinosaurus (2009) (Carnegie Collection by Safari Ltd)

4.3 (25 votes)
Review by Dan Liebman of Dan’s Dinosaurs, photographs by Dinotoyblog
In 2009, Safari released what they are hoping will be the definitive replacement of their original Carnegie Spinosaurus figure. The original, which bears the classic “Sail-backed Allosaurus” appearance, has seen two variants in color. This latest model seems to have adopted a decidedly natural set of hues, looking rather appropriate for a large predatory dinosaur.

Review: Spinosaurus (2012)(Bullyland)

2.4 (10 votes)

Review and photos by ‘Prehistory Resurrection,’ edited by Suspsy

Spinosaurus was one of the largest carnivorous dinosaurs, probably exceeding Tyrannosaurus rex and Giganotosaurus in length, but not mass. Other factors which have contributed to Spinosaurus‘ fame apart from its huge size are its signature dorsal sail, its well-known (but inaccurate) appearance in the movie Jurassic Park 3, and the many figures of it that were released from different companies in 2019.

Review: Spinosaurus (2015)(World of History by Schleich)

2.1 (14 votes)
Review and photos by Nathan ‘Takama’ Morris, edited by amargasaurus cazaui and Suspsy
Before I begin this review, I want to get something off my chest. In case it wasn’t already apparent, I like Schleich’s World Of History dinosaur figures. I think they are very distinctive from other brands, and I think each model has a certain charm to it.
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