Dilophosaurus pair (Carnegie Collection by Safari Ltd)

Review and photos by Emperor Dinobot, edited by Plesiosauria.

The legendary Dilophosaurus pair by the Carnegie Collection (Safari Ltd), was first released in 1995 with follow-up variations in 1997 and post 2000s. Luckily, I have all three variations which are differentiated by coloration and mold. Newer versions seem to be more refined, but this review will talk about that later.

Dilophosaurus pair Carnegie Collection

The main difference between these figures and others in the Carnegie Collection is that these were often sold in pairs held together by a piece of cardboard. Normally, Carnegie Collection dinosaurs were (and still are) sold as a single figure, so the pair represents an oddity in the collection. Some of the Dilophosaurus figures also had the original tag (in addition to the cardboard backing), but the tag was later scrapped as they became more widely available.

Dilophosaurus pair Carnegie Collection

Dilophosaurus pair Carnegie Collection

A diversity of Dilophosaurus! Top left is the newest version; center is 1997-ish release; top right is the original release.

The models make nice companion pieces. One of the Dilophosaurus is crouching and the other is standing, so they can be posed as if they are fighting, arguing or talking. This makes this an awesome pair for diorama building.

Dilophosaurus pair Carnegie Collection

They have one of the fanciest color schemes of any Carnegie Collection figure up until that point. Original molds were made in grey plastic and were covered with a white belly undercoat and glazed with a nice shiny brown overcoat. Finally, heart shaped red spots were painted on them. Later versions had a more detailed color scheme and became somewhat darker and less shiny. Their eyes are always done in apple green and their claws are interesting because they sport both a grey and a black tip on both hands and feet. Later versions seem to be slightly more refined and symmetrical despite the pose. The original version has that primitive Carnegie look we all know and love.

Dilophosaurus pair Carnegie Collection

Done in a 1:40 scale and at around only 4 inches in length, the level of detail is pretty nice and standard for such a small Carnegie Collection dinosaur. I highly recommend this pair to dinosaur enthusiasts everywhere, although I may have a slight fascination with them as they represent my favourite dinosaur. The Carnegie Collection Dilophosaurus pair is a timeless classic. Unfortunately, the figures were retired in 2009, so they are now out of production, so the best place to find them today is on Ebay.

Sometimes available on Ebay here.

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  2. Uncle Lidenbrock

    Somebody should mention the guy (or was it a lady) who designed the paintjob on these guys was a Hello Kitty fan.
    Hearts??? Really???

  3. Lovely dinos! Do you also sell these on eBay? I think I recognize the same brick wall in some of the eBay pics…! 🙂

  4. I remember seeing these in the shop when I was kid, and pondering over which of the two to buy with my limited funds. I was elated when the clerk told me I actually got them both for that price! I believe mine came with the tag but definitely not the cardboard backing. And very vibrant heart shapes on the sides.

  5. They really do have that certain timeless charm.

    Safari Ltd. “mini” “bin-dinos” first sparked my interest in collecting in the 1990’2. A really funky Allosaurus that looks as if it might have been done by the same sculptor and a Polcanthus portrayed as a stegosaur rather than a nodosaur got me hooked…

    Love your “super” collection of these beasts, by the bye…


  6. The review by Plesiosauria says it all, is a timeless beauty, despite the time they began to make the first replica.

    • I posted and edited it, but EmperorDinobot wrote the review. 🙂

      • Then I have to do double congratulations to you for publishing and editing Plesiosauria and EmperadorDinoRobot for having revised. Thanks for the clarification, I do not know what the rest opine but I think its time for this pair of Dilophosaurus toy figures were splendid. Moreover although much being criticized in the forums, and Wild Safari Safariltd have been pioneers in the collectible toy market apart from the above as Invicta and its figures other than their accuracy, have a lot of excellent precursors and accurate visionaries of what figures to be dinosaurs for children and also for collectors and most importantly to educate all generations and at least engage people to the fascinating and unique world of prehistory. And forgive me for having extended.

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