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Review: Carnivorous Dinos (Toob by Safari Ltd.)

2.9 (27 votes)
When it comes to tubes of miniatures, or “toobs,” Safari Ltd. remains the undisputed ruler. That said, they haven’t released any new toobs in years, and many of their prehistoric-themed ones are really showing their age. Today we’ll be examining one such example, Carnivorous Dinos, consisting of twelve miniatures representing a veritable Who’s Who of Mesozoic (and one Paleozoic) Meanies.

Review: Dilophosaurus & Dracovenator (Dinosaurs &Co. by De Agostini)

2.8 (22 votes)

Would you like a side of miniatures with your rubber monsters?

Not every dinosaur toy is equal. Not every absence of inaccuracy means inaccuracies are absent. Dilophosaurus is frequently plagued by imaginary features ingrained into pop culture due to a certain Universal/Spielberg blockbuster; but just because a toy of the two-crested reptile eschews the frills doesn’t mean the rest of the design gets a free pass.

Review: Dilophosaurus (2020)(Wild Safari by Safari Ltd.)

3.2 (21 votes)

Sometimes there’s no avoiding bad timing. Since paleontology is an ever-shifting field of scientific understanding, any artistic or commercial renditions of prehistoric life risk becoming obsolete at the drop of a new find. Such was the case for Safari Ltd., who announced the release of a new Dilophosaurus model for 2020 to replace the previous Wild Safari version – only for a brand-new paper to drop later that same year, providing a new, thorough analysis of all known Dilophosaurus fossils and providing new insight into the Early Jurassic predator’s life appearance.

Review: Dilophosaurus (Boston Museum of Science Collection by Battat)

3.8 (9 votes)
Before I begin my review of this figure, I would like to confess something. I’m a bit terrified writing this. It took me a fair bit of effort to work up the gumption to write for this blog to begin with, but now I’m trying to tackle a dinosaur toy heavyweight… one of the legendary Battat figures.

Review: Dilophosaurus (CollectA)

1.3 (14 votes)
Review and photos by Nathan Morris (‘Takama’)
It’s a well-known fact that CollectA’s prehistoric animal figures vary in quality. Some of them are good and incorporate current palaeontological knowledge, while others are poorly sculpted and sacrifice accuracy. The subject of today’s review belongs to the latter group, but to be fair, the toy was released when CollectA was just venturing into the dinosaur toy business in 2007.

Review: Dilophosaurus (Deluxe by CollectA)

3.8 (26 votes)

Thanks to its appearance in Jurassic Park, Dilophosaurus is, in the words of one paleontologist, “pretty much the best, worst-known dinosaur.” Even if you’re well aware that it wasn’t small and didn’t spit venom and didn’t have a frill around its neck, you probably grew up reading about how fragile its twin crests were and how relatively weak its bite was.

Review: Dilophosaurus (DinoWaurs Survival)

3.3 (11 votes)

Greetings DinoWaurriors! While being a great medium to introduce the masses to dinosaurs, films can have an awful effect on people by presenting inaccuracies and people drinking them in as fact. Such is the case with Dilophosaurus in Jurassic Park. In the film, it was presented as a small predator, venom spitting with a frill, when in fact it had no frill, no venom sacs and was seven meters in length.

Review: Dilophosaurus (Electronic Deluxe)(Terra Series by Battat)

2 (13 votes)

It was a truly sad day for the entire dinosaur toy community when Battat Terra sculptor Dan LoRusso passed away in 2015. He was immensely talented, meticulous in his research, and most importantly of all, friendly and kind. At the time of his death, he had begun working on sculpts of Majungasaurus, Plateosaurus, and Yutyrannus for the Terra line.

Review: Dilophosaurus (Jurassic Park 2009 toyline by Hasbro)

2 (7 votes)
Review by forumite Fooman666 (edited by Horridus)
Jurassic Park’s dinosaurs have had a profound impact on how the general public sees dinosaurs – to people who don’t know any better the subject of this review will always be their loveable little ‘spitter’.

First things first – WOW!

Review: Dilophosaurus (Jurassic Park 25th Anniversary, Pop! Movies by Funko)

2.1 (26 votes)

With this year being the 30-year anniversary of the release of Jurassic Park, I thought it was well past time (5 years to be exact) that I reviewed this figure that was released for the 25th anniversary of the film. It’s the Dilophosaurus Pop!

Review: Dilophosaurus (Jurassic Park by Dakin)

3.4 (5 votes)
Just under a year ago I came to the Dinosaur Toy Forum inquiring about a small Jurassic Park Dilophosaurus figure, an almost forgotten memory of my childhood. I didn’t know who manufactured it or where to find one but with the help of other forum members I quickly learned about the figure in question.

Review: Dilophosaurus (Jurassic Park by Kenner)

3.5 (10 votes)
More Jurasic Park I’m afraid – although here we have a figure of an animal actually featured in the franchise. Dilophosaurus was last seen giving Wayne Knight a good seeing-to in the first movie, but proved so memorable that Hasbro were still releasing figures of it for the Jurassic Park 3 line.

Review: Dilophosaurus (Jurassic World: Amber Collection by Mattel)

3.6 (21 votes)

Review and photos by Faelrin, edited by Suspsy

Before the mainline sized 3.75″ Hammond Collection came onto the scene this year and became all the rage, there was the ill-fated Amber Collection, a line of figures intended for 1/12 scale collectors. After its launch in late 2019, it saw poor species diversity (too many Velociraptor figures), poor quality control, poor accuracy to the source material at times, and limited distribution globally (mostly online only), etc.

Review: Dilophosaurus (Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Attack Pack by Mattel)

2.8 (13 votes)
Despite its many inaccuracies the Dilophosaurus in the original Jurassic Park was one of my favorite dinosaurs in the entire franchise. Fanciful yes, Spielberg deliberately altered the Dilophosaurus for his film for an added punch, and being the master movie director that he is, it worked.
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