Parasaurolophus (Deluxe) (CollectA)

Review and photos by Dinomike, edited by Plesiosauria.

I picked this creature up while on holiday in Spain. This particular specimen was sold as a specially packaged El Corte Inglés edition. CollectA has been steadily making better and better models and this ‘deluxe’ 1:40 scale version of Parasaurolophus is no exception!

CollectA Deluxe Parasaurolophus

The Late Cretaceous Parasaurolophus is one of the most popular duckbilled dinosaurs produced by various toy companies with more or less success. This model by CollectA depicts a bulky species of Parasaurolophus walkeri on four legs. The proportions of this roughly 1:40 model are spot on. There are correct amount of digits on each front limb as well as the hind limbs. The base of the tail is very nice and thick and there is a cloacal opening underneath for those interested in such fine detailing. To my eyes the lower jaw seems too thin.

CollectA Deluxe Parasaurolophus

The most peculiar part of the Parasaurolophus is, of course, the head, adorned with the long, backward projecting tube crest. The crest on the CollectA Deluxe model is not as large as I would like it to be. On the other hand this model may depict a juvenile or a female with a smaller crest. Unlike the famous Battat version of this species, the CollectA model does not have a skin flap between the crest and the neck – only a small fold of skin with a feathery look to it.

CollectA Deluxe Parasaurolophus

The colors on this model are subtle and they look lifelike. The crest is painted blue and red with the cheeks and the skin around the eyes white – somebody labeled it “war paint”. The rest of the body is covered in different shades of brown with black stripes. The most appealing aspect of this model is its actual sculpting. The skin is very detailed with wrinkles and bumps. The limbs look very strong and have an almost chiseled quality to them. The animal looks really well fed, almost fat, and has some cow-like features. I may be wrong but I imagine this model was sculpted by the artist responsible for the much revered CollectA Carcharodontosaurus as they are both round-bellied.

This model is a durable, playable, very well made and accurate depiction of the ever-so-loved Parasaurolophus. As it is very reasonably priced, I recommend it to any collector.

Available from here.

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  2. t seems that playability and heft often go hand -in-hand.The enduring popularity of the Schleich line is a testimony to this premise, despite numerous design flaws. CollectA , with their frequent “round belly” approach (Carcharodontosaurus, Woolly Mammoth ),may have entered this same zone. It helps that their sculpts, such as this fine rendition of the Parasaurolophus, are getting more and more accurate. Well done!

  3. The criticism of the model is very good, is perhaps one of the largest replica Parasaurolophus made ​​to date, the best figure is that the animal is a very solid alluding to the famous dinosaur-mummy Dakota. The downside I see in these figures Collecta is the paint especially the face with colors that look and forgive if I’m rude as to the ancient inhabitants of America or Oceania, I think this is what takes away somewhere. Otherwise the figure is very beautiful and the gameplay for kids is guaranteed, besides being both a perfect figure for collectors. And forgive for having extended.
    BTW if Spanish author of this post this figure is also sold along with almost everything else in the shop of the Museum of Natural Sciences in Madrid and if you’re a member make you fifteen percent discount on the figures and ten percent discount on books and audiovisual.

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