Mosasaurus (Wild Safari by Safari Ltd)

Contrary to its appearance in Jurassic World, Mosasaurus was not a blue whale-sized leviathan capable of effortlessly dragging giant genetic freaks to a watery grave. Still, at an estimated 60 feet in length, it was definitely one of the largest and deadliest marine predators of all time.


Released in 2010, this Mosasaurus is one of the larger beasts in Wild Safari’s prehistoric line, measuring 24.5 cm long from nose to tail tip. Its main colour is a rather dull blue with an airbrushed white underbelly, white markings around the brown eyes, dark pink for the mouth, and white teeth. It’s certainly not an exciting colour scheme, but it works quite well for a marine predator.


Unlike most other marine reptile toys, which rest on their bellies, this Mosasaurus is balanced on three of its flippers. Its tail is undulating to the left and its head is craned upwards, as though the enormous lizard has just sighted potential prey swimming above. Due to the timing of its release, the Mosasaurus‘ tail has an outdated paddle shape as opposed to a shark-like fluke. Viewed from above, it also looks far too thin.


The Mosasaurus‘ flippers have faint digit impressions on the inside and there are wrinkles at its joints, jawline, and all over its underbelly. The rest of the body has a slightly rough texture, but it’s not nearly as elaborate as that of the Elasmosaurus or the Liopleurodon. The teeth lining the mouth are fairly sharp, but they’re too small and too numerous. And there’s no forked tongue. This really feels more like a generic mosasaur toy rather than the mightiest of them all.


Inaccurate dentition and tail make the Wild Safari Mosasaurus a mixed bag. It’s easily superior to the Carnegie Collection’s archaic version but it fails to capture the essence of the mighty marine squamate the way CollectA’s does.


One year ago today, yours truly saw his first review posted on the Dinosaur Toy Blog. This one is my 70th. Needless to say, it’s been quite a fun ride! Thanks for reading and stay tuned! 🙂

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  1. The movie Mosasaurus may not be scientifically accurate but official descriptions show a 18-22 m range and 30 000 pounds. So not blue whale-size.

    • Those may be the official listed stats, but the behemoth that consumed the shark, the pterosaur, the genetic freak, and the poor innocent woman was easily around the length of a blue whale, though probably not as massive.

      • There’s always a bit of perspective playing. Actually if the mosasaur is 22 m, its skull is around 3 m long, that matches most of what we see in the movie compared to the woman or the freak.

        The shark itself could be 3 m or so.

        The official stats are what actually counts anyway.

  2. Thanks for all the excellent reviews and here’s to another 70!

    My own version of this figure has the same awkwardly curved lower jaw and underbite.

  3. It reminds me of a prehistoric marine mammal. Its color is like a blue whale or dolphin. All this from my humble opinion and my very poor paleontological knowledge.

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