Allosaurus (2018 Version)(Nature World by Boley)

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Review and photos by Skinny Davenport, edited by Suspsy

Wow. I saw this figure at Walmart the other day and after some of the comments I’ve received about Boley’s Nature World dinosaurs being “Chinasaurs,” I just had to review some of these new releases for 2018, which are MUCH more accurate.This is a marked improvement on the old Boley Allosaurus, which, although appealing, was riddled with inaccuracies.

This Allosaurus, released in 2018, has the proper number of fingers, a much more accurate skull shape, a more horizontal body stance with the tail held in the air behind the body, and some interesting, crocodile-like armor on the back and tail, complete with iguana-like spines. This resembles the design of the more well-known Papo Allosaurus. The size of the individual teeth are also nicely varied and the eye crests are properly sculpted. It even has the fleshy membranes where the upper and lower jaw meet each other.

The figure is coloured orange with dark-brown accenting on the back. It has the great durability of all the Boley dinosaur figures, and will not break. It still has the slight hollow softness and the plastic is pleasant to the touch. It measures 8″ long and stands 4″ tall.

Considering that this is a less-expensive figure, I think the realism should definitely receive five stars. If it were given a more detailed paint job, it might even be good enough for the gift shop of a natural history museum. This figure should still be available at Walmart locations since it is very new. Great value for a $1 dinosaur!! 😀

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Comments 5

  • Wow I love the funhouse mirror version of the Papo Allosaurus

  • Definitely an improvement over the old version, but that’s setting the bar real low!

    • May I just ask, what is wrong with it, aside from the fact that it’s made by Boley and it is inexpensive? I gave this figure a heavy scrutinizing before I reviewed it and I just can’t see much that is anatomically wrong with it, aside perhaps from the somewhat unimaginative colors. The skull is the right shape, the pose is horizontal, rare among toys of bipedal dinosaurs,and the arms are correct. The proportions are pretty good too. Perhaps the feet are a little on the large size, that’s all I can see to pick on, and that’s really reaching for a complaint.

      • Well, the overall proportions are off. The neck and tail are too short, the teeth are too big and too few, the wrists are pronated, and the arms and feet are too large. Also, the triangular crest on the back of the neck looks unappealing.

        That’s just my own take on the toy. If you like it, then I’m happy for you.

      • The problem with it is that it is an obvious ripoff of the Papo Allosaurus… which is what allows for the dirt cheap $1 price tag… they aren’t paying anyone for original design work… no artists or designers really needed to steal from another company or artist. I only have this figure because I like to keep a few examples of fakes for novelty.
        If you’re okay with artistic theft, then it’s all good. I also pay full price for the authentics and support the companies and artists who are actually responsible for dino toy innovation. In this case, Boley deserves no credit for the evolution of their Allosaurus offering.

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