Allosaurus (Desktop model by Favorite Co. Ltd, sculpted by Michael Trcic)

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Back in 2010 I treated myself to a pair of statues and reviewed one of them shortly thereafter (Stegosaurus reviewed here). The second model has spent the last half decade standing proudly in my flat, begging for the review that never seemed to come. That day is finally here.

Allosaurus Statue
Allosaurus Statue

Part of the reason for the delay was some damage the Allosaurus suffered in transit. It arrived with a cracked supporting foot, all the more worrisome because the statue balances gracefully on this one leg. One of the toes had fallen off. Thankfully, whatever wires are housed within the innards of the sculpture formed a strong enough skeleton to keep the statue upright, and a little glue fixed the lost toe back into place, even if the statue is still a little bit wobbly. The crack is still visible but only if you’re looking for it. Such is the risk of ordering statues like this online. The damage was minimal enough that I decided to keep the model and the Ebay seller was kind enough to offer a partial refund.

Allosaurus Statue

This is a beautiful modern take on Allosaurus by sculptor Michael Trcic. The body is held horizontal and the tail arches upwards, the arms and legs are slim but muscular, and the palms face each other (and slightly outward) in a grasping gesture. There are no anatomical errors to speak of. The exciting pose also keeps the appearance current, leaning heavily to the side and balancing mid-stride on one leg. You’ll struggle to find a more dynamic portrayal of Allosaurus in model form and words can’t really do it justice. It looks delightful from every angle, to the extent that I had real difficulty selecting photos  from the many that I took. Aspects of the statue, especially the pose and texture of the skin, are somewhat reminiscent of a John Gurche painting. The essentially scale-less elephantine skin of both Gurche and this model is stretching believability, but even at this relative large scale (for toys and models) the scales would have been hardly visible.

Allosaurus Statue
Allosaurus Statue

The colour scheme is possibly unique. A bold orange streak runs along the flank from the lips to the tail, which contrasts with the dirty grey/brown of the rest of the body. It is an unusual choice and I’m not not entirely sure about it – aesthetically it is almost overpowering, taking away from the delicateness of the biological form. The clashing pink hornlets are also a little distracting but the other details of the skull are extremely nice.

Allosaurus Statue
Allosaurus Statue

The Allosaurus and Stegosaurus make great counterparts because they are to scale to each other and lived alongside each other during the Late Jurassic Period in North America. The rocky base of the Allosaurus also matches that of the Stegosaurus model and invites the two statues to be placed side by side (as I’ve done). Overall, this is a wonderful piece and one of the objects in my collection that I’m most proud to own. If you don’t own it you’ll be jealous of those that do, so get it while stocks last!

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  • I used to own this statue and while I am not a fan of the coloration (it kind of seems like the dinosaur vomited while running), the sculpt is absolutely beautiful.

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