Allosaurus (Happinet)

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Of all the theropods of the Jurassic period, the most well known is the Allosaurus, and for good reason. Measuring 9.7m long, there were few other predators that stood a chance, with the exception of Saurophaganax. This got it starring roles in a lot of dino media, being the original big dino predator. As a result, there are a lot of models of this species, so here is one from Happinet. Let’s see how they did!

And here it is! The navy blue is an interesting choice here, but not necessarily the best choice maybe, as it completely over shadows the red crests, which would have otherwise been a nice touch. It features five points of articulation, the arms, legs and head, with the head and tail having plenty of motion to it. The vinyl is prone to warping, so gotta be careful. It is a large model, measuring 10.5″ long and 4.5″ high, so need to be in with other large models to scale right.

To accuracy! This isn’t the best example of an Allosaurus in terms of this, as a fair few things are off. The skull could be a tad longer and less shrink wrapped and the arms could do with reducing, but the worst offenders are the feet. Unlike most models, instead of being too big, they are too small, which otherwise hurts it as it would balance better if not for this. I also feel the legs are a little too slim. The rest of the body is fine, but again, could have been better.

If I could describe this figure in one word, it is goofy. The dynamic posing makes it a little awkward when combined with the poseability, and the inaccuracies also hurt it. It may not be the worst, but it isn’t great. Happinet dinos being long discontinued doesn’t help either, as it shoots the prices up too high. I’d say if you are looking to complete the set, grab it, if not, it can be skipped.

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