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Review and photos by Carnosaur, edited by Plesiosauria

Allosaurus, meaning “different lizard”, is my personal favorite theropod. Is a large predatory dinosaur from the late Jurassic Period of North America and Portugal, with related forms found nearly worldwide. Although most estimates place Allosaurus at roughly 30 feet long, there are fragmentary examples that suggest lengths of up to 40 feet, although these could represent larger allosaurids such as Saurophaganax or Epanterias. Allosaurus fragilis is perhaps the best known of all predatory dinosaurs due to the large amount of fossil remains found representing it in almost every stage of physical development. It is also the species most commonly found in toy form, and this review covers yet another example.

Mojö Fun has surprised just about everyone with their new theropod models which are clearly a step above previous offerings, even if they are still a little ‘Jurassic Park-ish’. Their new Allosaurus strongly resembles the Papo version of this dinosaur, although it is smaller. My first real surprise upon handling the figure was the fact that its made of a firm but flexible rubber that allows some bending of the neck, tail, jaws, and limbs, so this figure is definitely one that will survive a tumble from a shelf.

The figure is rather well painted in a generally black base coat with a lot of grey dry-brushing that fades into an off white bone color on the belly and inside of the limbs.The arms, lower legs, and head are a bold orange which adds a nice contrast, as do the tan stripes that start mid body and extend to the end of the tail. The eyes are white and have a somewhat shocked looking appearance, but are well done considering the size of the figure. The mouth and teeth are also well painted with no noticeable errors.

Mojo Allosaurus (right) compared to the Papo Allosaurus (left)

In many ways the figure is surprisingly accurate with arms that are not pronated and include the enlarged 1st claw typical of the species. Its skin is nicely detailed with natural looking pebble-like scales, wrinkles in the neck and body where the limbs attach, and prominent scutes running down the spine. The long tail is held high and both the head and tail are turned to the animal’s right side.

Mojo Allosaurus (front) compared to the Papo Allosaurus (at back)

There are some minuses to point out. The feet are huge, almost as large as the Papo Allosaurus, which is a larger figure overall. I do understand that it can be difficult to get bipedal models to stand, but the feet still seem larger than necessary. Also the rubbery nature of the figure means you might get a figure that will not stand correctly despite the big feet. A good dip in hot water followed by some manipulation of the toy’s legs will usually fix the problem, though. The head is definitely shrink wrapped as I can make out skull details easily, even though the rest of the model seems quite robust. Despite the cons I still really like the figure, and although it’s still not as accurate as some would prefer.

Mojo Allosaurus posed alongside the CollectA Stegosaurus

It’s not a terrible start for Mojo, whose dinosaurs have usually been less than impressive. Its small size is also an asset as it scales better against my sauropods and with my CollectA Stegosaurus carcass (which can hide the big feet by the way). While this figure might not be for everyone, if you’re a fan of Allosaurus, I think this is a figure worth considering.

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Comments 6

  • Is The Mojo Allosaurus a Allosaurus Fragilis

  • Honestly I think give Mojo a few years and they could be doing some really great stuff. I like this figure a lot, the only thing holding me back from buying one is the clown feet unfortunately. Great review.

  • Mojo toys have become better but they are still better for play than display.

  • What is said in the article, its elastic PVC body makes it resistant to falls and avoids abrasions due to carelessness or better human error for which we are collectors and most importantly, it is very safe for children.

    It is a figure that I have in my collection thanks to minizoo but there is one thing that I have observed at least in my figure, it has sustainability problems, like the tyrannosaurus rex of Mojo with an articulated jaw, although the allosaurus itself is beautifully sculpted and it is valuable as a good figure, which unfortunately can not be said of Mojo’s tyrannosaurus with an articulated jaw that, without being bad, suffers from being a more detailed figure, that is my opinion. Within my scientific ignorance I see allosaurus within It fits as an acceptable figure for both children and collectors.
    I recommend it to all lovers of dinosaurs and prehistoric life.

  • I love this model but I wish the feet were smaller. I know it’s to help it stand but it just doesn’t looo right. Great review though!

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