Amargasaurus (Desktop model by Favorite Co. Ltd.)

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Most sauropods tend to more or less look similar; big body, long neck long tail. Rarely will a sauropod possess any distinguishing characteristics beyond those three things. Then there is Amargasaurus. This dinosaur was a smaller (relatively speaking) sauropod from the early Cretaceous in what is now Argentina. It is highly distinguishable amongst other dinosaurs by the double row of tall spines that run down the back of its neck. Like its brethren, this desktop model rendition of the strange sauropod comes unattached to a nice wooden base.

The general this model’s accuracy is great. The neck is held out straight in front of the body and is not assuming the more typical “S” curve pose. The bottom of the neck is also flat thus giving the neck a sort of half circle shaped cross section which goes along with most recent information about sauropod necks. From what I know Amargasaurus had nine pairs of spikes going down the neck before it turns into a sort of spine-sail structure going down the back. This model has a few more but I’m not sure if its truly an inaccuracy or not.

Most importantly the front feet are…gasp…correct by modern standards! (yay!) Just a horseshoe-shaped stump with one claw. The back feet are also done correctly with three outward-facing claws on each foot. The tail is a little shorter than what would be expected of a sauropod, having no skinny whip at the end. I also really like how the head has lips so the teeth aren’t jutting out like sauropod reconstructions sometimes have. The nostrils are placed between the eyes which is still fairly typical for sauropod reconstructions since that’s where the nostril openings on the skull are. I have also heard that sauropods were believed by some scientists to have fleshy nostrils placed farther down on the snout as well.


The detail on this model is superb. Every little mosaic-style scale seems to be sculpted out on this guy’s body. It also has a lot of wrinkles. The musculature is very defined especially in the limbs and around the chest. The colors on this model are also really striking. I love the red and black striped pattern. Too often are sauropods painted simple grays so this louder color scheme is a refresher to me. The underbelly is an off white color and the eyes and claws are black.

If you have the cash to shell out for it, this is a great model to get. Its very accurate and its of a more exotic dinosaur. Its sure to be a striking member in any collection.

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  • No está mal,aunque puestos a elegir me quedo con la versión de Carnegie.

  • Me ratifico en lo comentado y solamente decir que se podría hacer un amargasaurus (sin prescidir del actual) de la marca de Safari/Carnegie de este mismo estilo. Es paleontológicamente hablando una obra arte, aparte de asequible económicamente.

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