Amargasaurus (Terra Series by Battat)

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If one were to compile a top ten list of unusual sauropods, Amargasaurus would have to be on it. At only 9 or 10 metres in length, it was a far cry from colossal relatives like Argentinosaurus and Dreadnoughtus. Moreover, it had two parallel rows of spines running down the length of its neck and back. A truly fantastic beast.


Behold Battat’s newly reissued Amargasaurus. This dandy dicraeosaurid measures 19 cm long from the tip of its nose to the curve in its tail. It is sculpted in a casual walking pose with its head turned slightly to the left and the tip of its long tail flicking upwards. A simple pose, yet active and realistic. One can easily envision this beautiful animal strolling slowly across the Early Cretaceous landscape and munching happily on its favourite greens.


The Amargasaurus is decked out in an attractive combination of dark brown, rosy brown, and beige with black claws, orange tissue between the spines on the neck, yellow-orange eyes, and a pink mouth. I daresay it is a superior colour scheme to that of the original version.


As with all Battat Terra dinosaurs, the detailing on this one is nothing short of excellent. The skin has a wrinkled texture and the musculature in the neck and limbs has been well defined. The loose folds of skin around the belly add the appearance of heft to the toy. Finally, the signature twin rows of spines have been meticulously sculpted. Although it is worth noting that it is by no means established that the spines had tissue between them. It also remains unclear as to what their purpose was. Defence and sexual display are two possibilities.


The Battat Terra Amargasaurus is a first rate toy all around, and a very affordable one at that. Unfortunately, it is only available at Target stores, which doesn’t exactly bode well for dinosaur fans outside of the U.S. I was lucky to snag this one during the drive back home to Canada from my honeymoon. 🙂


And now I must end this review on a very sad note. Dan LoRusso, the immensely talented artist responsible for the Amargasaurus and many other fine dinosaur toys and models, recently passed away after a lengthy battle with cancer. Although I never met Dan face to face, I came to know and like him immensely through the Dinosaur Toy Forum and Facebook. He was as kind and caring and wise as he was skilled at breathing life into long-extinct animals. Our last interaction was on September 11, the eve of my wedding, when I shared some personal reflections on the past and hopes for the future. All Dan did was “Like” my FB status, but it meant a lot to me at the time and it means infinitely more now.


Farewell, Dan. If there is indeed an afterlife, then I hope you’re finally getting to walk with dinosaurs. Thanks for everything. 🙂

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  • One of the prettiest – and most accurate figures Battat ever produced. Almost 30 years later, science is indicating that its reconstruction of Amarga. with a sail between its spines is accurate after all. Respect to the late Dan Lorusso, the sculptor.

  • RIP Dan LaRusso

  • The pose is lovely on this little guy. I really love that “rosy brown”, as you put it- all these Terra reviews are making me want to rush to Target and get the figures I’m missing!

    I didn’t know Mr. LoRusso personally, but I really appreciate him sharing his talent with us all. May his family find a small amount of comfort in how loved his legacy is.

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