Anatotitan (Sue at The Field Museum by Safari Ltd)

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In 2005, Safari LTD produced a line of 4 figures for the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago, IL. Among these is one of the best hadrosaur figures of recent years. Most famous for its role as the hapless victim of Tyrannosaurus in the classic Walking With Dinosaurs series, Anatotitan was a large hadrosaur that lived 68 – 65 million years ago in North America, coexisting with more famous dinosaurs such as Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops, and Ankylosaurus. This figure does justice to the outshone species, and is quite accurate to boot.

One thing that the dinosaur toy collecting community is often quick to note is the lack of hadrosaur figures. Since the Wild Safari Hapacrosaurus, there haven’t been many mass-produced hadrosaur figures of good quality. The Field Museum Anatotitan changes that. This small 6 inch (15 cm) figure is one of the most accurate hadrosaur figures available. The proportions are all correct, the tail is properly stiff, and the head is the correct shape. There is even a row of small spines running down the back of the figure. Hadrosaurs were discovered to have these spines from various mummified fossil specimens that preserved skin impressions. If there is one complaint to be made, it is about the hands. Hadrosaur hands, similar to titanosaur hands, had no claws on their hands. Despite this one inaccuracy, this figure is still one of the most accurate hadrosaur figures available.

The detailing on this figure is some of the best I’ve seen. It’s better than that of the newer Wild Safari figures, and second only to the detailing on Papo figures.The skin consists of a very well-done pebbly scaling texture, which is also consistent with mummified hadrosaur remains. The musculature is very well defined, and are there are even small wrinkles below the eyes, similar to reptiles today. There’s even a cloacal opening (as another reviewer here once said, I check these things so you don’t have to).

Unlike many other hadrosaur figures, the Field Museum Anatotitan has a very dynamic pose. It is in a quadrapedal stance with one leg raise, looking like it is prepared to run. The eyes are wide open and the beak is agape, as if startled by some unseen Tyrannosaurus. The head is turned toward the Anatotitan’s right, which could be to detect the location of a predator in hiding.

A pleasant color scheme is yet another great attribute of this figure. A simple tannish brown along with light red stripes make up the main color scheme of the Field Museum Anatotitan. The details, such as the spines, claws, and beak are grey, and the eyes are a lifelike shade of yellow. Unlike some of the Wild Safari or Carnegie Collection figure also produced by Safari LTD, the Field Museum line figures do not have sloppy paint jobs that other Safari figures may occasionally have.

One of the best hadrosaur figures in existence, the Field Museum Anatotitan is certainly worth acquiring. Unfortunately, the line is now retired. However, the Anatotitan is the easiest to find of all the figures from the line. It is usually available on eBay for no more than a few dollars. If you ever find yourself in Chicago, then you should probably pay a visit to The Field Museum. Besides the great fossils on display, the gift shop has every one of the Field Museum figures available. No matter how you get it, it’s still a great figure, worthy for the collections of hadrosaur and dinosaur enthusiasts alike.

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