Anchiceratops (Dinotales Series 7 by Kaiyodo)

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Anchiceratops was a large ceratopsian that lived during the late Cretaceous in what is now Canada. Like its relative, Chasmosaurus, Anchicratops is characterized by possessing a large frill complete with two large openings called finestre to prevent the skull from being too heavy.

When if comes to scientific accuracy, Kaiyodo did a lovely job with this tiny model. Being from the last wave of Dinotales figures, it is the most up do date rendition of a ceratopsid Kaiyodo has to offer. The skull is the right shape. I like the two small hornlets that face forward at the top of the frill. The brow horns are also rather long and curve forward just like some known specimens have. The neck is long for a ceratopsid which is also a feature unique to Anchiceratops. The feature that makes this model more accurate than any other ceratopsid model in the series, however, is the placement of the front limbs. Not only are they slightly sprawled out to the sides like they should be, the hands themselves are also correctly positioned with the palms facing each other. Not many representations of the horned dinosaurs showcase this.

Detail is also superb for such a tiny model. I really like the individually sculpted crocodillian-like scales going down the back. The rest of the body is covered in lots of tiny intricate wrinkles as well. Even the face possesses a great amount of detail especially around the mouth and eyes.

Like many of the Dinotales figures, this model was available in two color schemes. Out of the two, I think the one I have is more interesting. Its main color is a greenish brown with beige on the lower part of the body. There are small white speckles on the sides of the body and black stripes on the sides of the face and lower frill. The pattern on the frill showcases yellow and black eye spots like those seen on many species of butterfly and moth wings. These spots appear to be decals instead of having been painted on. The same yellow can be found in small amounts around the edge of the frill. The underside of the figure’s neck is a bright orange with black spots much like the patterns found on the bellies of many modern day amphibians and reptiles. All these colors and patterns come together beautifully to make one pretty and realistically looking dinosaur.

Other color scheme available for Anchiceratops
Other color scheme available for Anchiceratops

Honestly, you can’t go wrong with any of the Dinotales models. They are all finely detailed and as accurate as possible depending on when the individual figure in question was made. This Anchiceratops is no exception. It is easily one of the most up to date and aesthetically pleasing reconstructions of a ceratopsian dinosaur I have ever seen.

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