Ankylosaurus (DinoWaurs Survival)

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Greetings DinoWaurriors!!!! With their squat bodies, tough osteoderm armour and lethal club tails, it is no wonder ankylosaurs are sometimes described as the tanks of the Mesozoic. This means it is no surprise that DinoWaurs included several in their line. Here, we look at their representation of the last, largest and most famous of this group, Ankylosaurus itself! Dating back to the end of the Cretaceous of North America, it has long captured the imagination of the masses, so no wonder it was included. Let’s take a closer look!

Once again, we see an all over colour for this figure, this time a light brown. Bit dull, but it works for such a large armoured herbivore, plus the shading brings out the wrinkles and osteoderms brilliantly. It, like the rest, is small, measuring 2.8″ long, 0.8″ high and 0.9″ wide, so better kept amongst the rest of the line. The pose is great, a defensive swish of it’s tail against an attacker. Appropriate for a line like this.

Now to accuracy. The nature of these sets being blind bags, meaning mass produced, small and cheap in some cases, means this is where it takes a hit. The osteoderms look great, but they are over done and don’t match the actual animal. While the back of the skull is accurate, the front is too triangular, where it should be shorter and rounded. The neck is almost comically long, while the tail, though accurately shaped, is far too short. The legs are correct at the very least, but this model has more negative points than positive.

This has a cute charm to it, but this isn’t that good. There are certainly a lot of better Ankylosaurus models out there. It’s small size may be good for the collector with limited space, but even then better choices can be found. If you want it, eBay is best, but this can be easily skipped over.

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