Plateosaurus (DinoWaurs Survival)

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Greetings DinoWaurriors! I imagine it’s very easy for creators of toy lines to stick to the Jurassic and Cretaceous period dinosaurs for their line, as this is where many were at their biggest and strangest. Let’s not forget, however, that the Triassic saw the rise of these animals, and have interesting species that began this dynasty. DinoWaurs have only made two forays into time before the Jurassic: the Permian Keratocephalus and todays subject, Plateosaurus, a basal sauropodomorph or prosauropod from the late Triassic.

To the figure, and once more we have an all over colour, this time a brown with slight shading. The pose is placid and problematic, for reasons I’ll cover in accuracy. It is tiny, a mere 2.7″ long and 1.1″ high, fitting few other lines for scale.

Now, about that pose. Plateosaurus has had almost every posture suggested for it, from lizard sprawls to kangaroo hopping. Modern consensus is that, due to being unable to pronate it’s wrists, it was an obligate biped. Here though, we see the older quadruped with pronated wrists, resulting in an almost painful crick in the neck, totally wrong for the animal. A pity, as most the rest is correct, from it’s tiny head to it’s tail, accurately capturing how the tail goes from thick to thin. I feel the arms could be longer, but they are ok.

Overall, this isn’t going to tempt many into adding it to their collection, unless they collect more retro-esque figures, allowing it to make for a nice piece on how far things have come in terms of understanding dinosaurs. If you want it, best to hunt for the individual figure on eBay, otherwise skip it.

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