Ankylosaurus (Larami)

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Most of the dinosaurs Larami released in the 1990s were more or less decent copies of Invicta originals, made of vinyl. Three animals did not base on Invicta originals: A Styracosaurus, a Parasaurolophus and the reviewed Ankylosaurus.

I probably don´t promise too much when I say this is one of the ugliest animals that have ever been reviewed here. Honestly, it does not even deserve the description “Ankylosaurus” and seems to be better of in the “Plasticosauria” blog. Should any dinosaur species ever have served as an original, it was Polacanthus rather than Anklyosaurus.

Let´s get factual anyway: We see a figure that is 11 cm long and 2,5 cm tall. Its colours vary from green, grey and black. It does not have a neck or a real tail. All bodyparts unite to one big bizarre sculpt that looks like a blend of a turtle, an armadillo and a hunch of an Ankylosaur.

A closer look at our figure can only lead to two conclusions: Either the sculptor was drunk or there was not any sculptor at all and it arose directly from a strange nightmare of a chinese guy who didn´t have the slightest interest in correct dinosaurs. He accidently stumbled upon a Yale mural picture and said “wow, I can make a figure from that painting”. Or he wanted to make a bigger version of the Marx version. But he failed. No club at the end of the tail, the feet are a mess and the skin and armor detail is poor. And look at the head! It seems to smile or have a lower jaw overbite (or the “lower jaw” even is a molding seam…)

Only its mother can love it – and of course plasticosauria and libraraptor, who have a big heart for animals like these and give them a refugee.

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