Apatosaurus (2008, Replica-saurus by Schleich)

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Photos by Philsauria

Size matters. Apatosaurus is the archetypical dinosaur, probably the most famous icon of palaeontology. Many companies have released it as a figure; Schleich did it for the third time now after their 1997 Apatosaurus, who was a blue, heavy, tail-dragging behemoth with a dull mien and its somewhat better baby. Schleich 2008 Apatosaurus, too, is a massive piece of rubber. It is one of the biggest dinosaur figures ever, longer than Carnegie Brachiosaurus and taller than Carnegie Diplodocus. And despite (or because) the headstrong, a little old school interpretation (although the tail is held upright), it is one of the best Apatosaurus figures out there.

The details: Schleich Apatosaurus is 51.4 cm long, 15,4 cm tall and 10 cm broad. It has lavender colouring with the bright grey underside fits the figure quite well. For Schleich, lavender is a very unusual choice, the company is known for boring green and brown paintjobs. What makes this figure so special is its heaviness. Both neck and tail were being sculptured very thick and the body is very fleshy and bulky, too, so that the overall look reminds me of the “The Future Is Wild” giant turtle. Skin and flesh folds were accurately sculptured, giving the figure a vivid look. The Apatosaurus has been captured in a slowly walking pose, which makes it not as static and monumental as some other Schleich figures are.

The head is neat: Sadly looking deeply black eyes reflect the light, making the mien very lively. The muzzle reveals overlapping upper lips, a plausible idea for the look of the figure. But Apatosaurus was a high browser, pulling off twigs and branches from conifers with fyke – like teeth. So the lips of the figure are probably not very lifelike. The nostrils are probably too far back at the snout. This interpretation has become obsolete, since science now found out that most sauropods had their norstrils on the very front of their heads. Macronarians even are thought to have had fleshy nose sacs over the skull openings nowadays. Whether Apatosaurus as a Diplodocid had those too, will remain unclear.

The stem legs are strongly and heavily built. They end in paddling pool feet, each equipped with five toes. The first two toes on each foot are big claws, the other three toes are more like toes of an elephant.

Schleich Apatosaurus will always be a controversial figure. Either one loves it or one does not. There is no shrugging “I don´t care” or “Well, quite okay” about this one. I personally love it and recommend it to every sauropod freak out there who has enough space on his shelves and money left to adopt it. You can get it at any virtual or real toy store.

Available from Amazon.com (here)

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  • Tetszik ez az óriás,bár nekem az 97’es verzió is tetszik mint retró figura.

  • Hi all have seen and gotten Papo’s new apatosaurus.Its nice looks almost like that one model or statue that is out.Do wish it would have been mage larger like Schleich,that they don’t make anymore.Well that’s not true,they do and others great dino’s they did but not as large. They did the worse thing they could do to them self.On their largest line they sized it down.Their apatosaurus is really not 1/2 its size,its a little less and is a orange type color.Its sad that they sized down their best,also they kind of fib.You look when or check out when the next new dino’s are coming out and you find many were not new only the color its the same dino’s.At least I have never found Papo to fib.They have always put out at least one new dino and if they were redoing paint jobs they said you at that time.Never saying it is just a new dino. Sorry Schleich,since your size down even with new dinosaurs I have not seen anything. Only some mammals. I how you size up again and start finding some other dinosaurs to do.You do make well but it was that large size like Papo that was specail. This is only what I see for myself. I would not tell anyone or stop them for buying Schleich.If they have what you want,it fits in to what you are doing then don’t let anyone tell you any other wise.Hell if they have something I am looking for and it will fit in size what I am looking for darn right I will get that item. There just has not been.Have fun all with your collection young or old,I do say for large Dinosaur figures that Schleich,Papo and the better CollectA are dion’s figures to be passed down.For others looking so good or as good will cost you even more.And these are the best even with some of them costing are more in range for a very well designed dinosaur figure. May the past open up your mind and help with your future.

  • I just got this today and I was surprised by its size. It’s even more massive than the Papo Brachiosaurus when put together with it. It’s details are kinda random, but aplenty. As for coloration, its dark gray matches its somber mood. This model looks like it was loosely based on the apatosaurs in the new King Kong movie.
    For all its flaws, its size makes up for its desirability to own. Until Papo makes their own Bronto, this one will be trudging alongside my Brach.

  • I really like schleich apatosaurus,stands with my science books on dinos.Its to bad they changed the color,for what is the world with out color in it.The one I have is the gray one its the only one I have ever seen.I would have like this lavender one more.But I don’t seen that color ,I am looking at it and its a type of blue cobalt.

  • esta padrisimo como que precio tendra en mexico,y donde los venden

  • What a great, big, beautiful figure, much nicer than the Safari Carnegie one.

  • Not a fan of retro sauropods but there’s something charming about this big oaf.

  • […] model’ collection – Apatosaurus, a real dinosaur toy staple. (For more Apatosaurus, see here (Schleich Replica-Saurus), here (the old Wild Safari), here (Great Dinos Collection) and here […]

  • That dinosaur toy has amazing detail!

  • I’ll save my money for next year’s safari sauropods. This one is just too retro. If it were made twenty years ago, I wouldn’t mind it.

  • Nice review! It’s interesting that you call it “lavender”, as mine looks more gray. Oddly, it seems quite blue in your photos, which I think is an improvement.

  • Nice review. Is the whole nostrils weren’t on the top of the head a speculation thing based on modern animals or is there direct fossil evidence for it as well?

    • There was a study that reached the conclusion that the nostrils were nearer the front of the snout than was previously thought. Should probably get hold of someone from SV-POW! As far as the figure goes, it’s a bit camarasaur-like and retro in certain details, but (having seen it in person) its sheer size makes it impressive.

      • What specifically was the study? Was there physical evidence in the fossils for it or is it just saying “animals have them now so sauropods had them too”. If this is the case its totally fine because that’s what paleontology is all about but still it makes the difference between fact and theory.

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