Baby Velociraptor Playpen (Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom by LEGO)

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“Greetings once again, fellow dinosaur lovers! Dr. Bella Bricking here, along with Beth Buildit and her precocious young niece, Bronwyn!”

“Bwah? What the heck is Bronwyn doing here, Doc?! My sister forbade me from taking her on any more of our adventures after that last time!

“Oh, Bronwyn was perfectly safe with us, Beth! Besides, I couldn’t let her miss out on today’s review. Today we’ll be looking at the Baby Velociraptor Playpen, a 48-piece polybag set currently available at Toys R Us, Walmart, and LEGO stores worldwide. It is inspired by the flashback scene in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom where Owen Grady recalls raising Blue as a baby.”

“Yeah, yeah, that’s neat, Doc, but how did Bronwyn even get here? She’s supposed to be in daycare!”

“She was, Beth, but I simply signed her out. And fear not, I used your name so that no one would worry.”

“. . . .”

“Right, now we’ve settled that matter, let’s examine this neonatal representation of Blue. At a mere 3 cm in length, it is the smallest dinosaur figure produced by LEGO to date. Despite its size, it is fairly well-sculpted, with distinct limbs, mouth, and nostrils. One can immediately tell that this is Blue by way of the light green body, yellow eyes, and blue markings outlined in white.”

“Yeah, but don’t forget that this exact same figure appears in two different sets based on scenes from the movie that baby Blue definitely wasn’t in. Plus there’s a brown version that shows up in three other sets as well. That’s LEGO for you: reuse, reuse, reuse!”

“Astute observation, Beth, as always! Let us now assemble the playset. It certainly won’t be a lengthy build this time!”

“Doc, my cellphone keeps buzzing. Pretty sure that’s my sister. You know, Bronwyn’s mother? I think I’d better answer it!”

“Beth, don’t you even think of it! Not while we’re in the middle of a review! Whatever would our audience say?!”

“Okay, okay. Anyway, here’s our little raptor playpen. It’s a pretty basic set, but it’s got some neat details to it. There’s a water dispenser with a dish, a shelter for sleeping, and a turkey leg dangling from a pivoting arm. The set also includes a small bone stripped clean of all its meat. Baby Blue’s a hungry gal!”

“Yes, despite its small size, this polybag set is clearly very pleasing indeed! Does our little Bronwyn have anything to add?”

“Ahhhwa, ahhhwa, ma ma ma! Plbbbbbt!”

“Oh no. I think our ride’s here, Bronny.”

“Well, that wraps this up, fellow dinosaur lovers! We’ll see you next time! Toodle-ooo!”

“Doc? A little help here?”

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