Baryonyx (Jurassic Hunters by Geoworld)

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Review and photos by Takama, edited by Suspsy

If you are deeply into dinosaurs, then you should already know what Baryonyx is. For those who happen to be average lay people or new to the hobby, Baryonyx was a large fish-eating theropod that lived during the Early Cretaceous in what is now England. It coexisted with the more well-known Iguanodon, and they may have crossed paths with each other from time to time. Although there is evidence of a Baryonyx being found with the bones of a Iguanodon in its stomach, it is unclear as to what were the circumstances that brought them together. Did the Baryonyx kill the Iguanodon or was it simply scavenging?


When it comes to toys, the only model that people seem to love is the original Invicta model released back in the 80s’. Other models were released since then, but none have been considered nearly as good as that particular model. Unfortunately, the one I’m doing today barely comes close to matching the greatness of the Invicta.


The Geoworld Baryonyx stands attached to a base, so its feet are not oversized. It is in a old school pose with its back arched upwards as if it were a tail dragger. Thankfully, the tail is still held clear off the ground. When I look at this figure, the two most prominent faults that stand out to me are the arms and mouth. The arms on this figure are way too short and the hands are also pronated. The problem with the mouth is that the dinosaur’s signature tooth notch is simply not present. This makes the model extremely flawed as a museum accurate replica of Baryonyx.


In terms of aesthetics, the model is sculpted with individual scales, giving the skin a bumpy texture. The colour scheme is one of my favorites of the entire line. The base colour is a dark yellow-green with light, brown and dark blue-green stripes on the back. The teeth are white, and the eyes are yellow. The base that the model is connected to is painted yellow with some orange dabbed on.


In the end, this is not a great replica. It has two prominent flaws that make it look different from the real creature, and the only redeeming thing that this figure has going for it is the colour scheme. If the model’s arms were longer and the skull had a tooth notch, then this figure would come off as good, but as it is, it qualifies as decent. If you want a better Baryonyx in terms of aesthetics, you’re better off getting Papo’s more interesting take on the species. If you’re looking for a model that’s more accurate, then the Wild Safari Suchomimus would make a good substitute for now. Or at least until some other company makes that one model that beats all the others out of the water.

If you want one, you can easily get it at along with all the other models in the Geoworld Jurassic Hunters Collection, or

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