Bistahieversor (CollectA)

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Bistahieversor was a large basal tyrannosaurid hailing from New Mexico. ‘Bistahi’ is a Navajo word that refers to the Bisti badlands where the dinosaur’s fossil remains were discovered while ‘eversor’ appropriately means ‘destroyer.’


In stark contrast to 2013’s lethargic Daspletosaurus, the 2014 CollectA Bistahieversor is sculpted in a dynamic action pose. Standing on tiptoes with its tail curled, its head lowered, and its strong jaws wide open, this tyrannosaur is poised for all-out attack, ready to unleash death upon either a victim or a rival. Probably the latter, given how the feathery crest on the head is raised. One can almost hear the chilling sound of Bistahi’s low hiss.


From the tip of its snout to the curve its tail, the Bistahieversor measures about 13 cm long. Main colours are yellowish orange and black with an off-white underbelly and black claws. The bony ridge on top of the skull is red, the beady eyes are black, the inside of the mouth is light pink, and the teeth are white. Topping it off is an ample coat of salt and pepper plumage, including the aforementioned crest. That’s phylogenetic bracketing for you.


CollectA’s tyrannosaurs have steadily improved in terms of accuracy over the last few years and the Bistahieversor is a prime example. Its skull is large, though nowhere near as wide as that of later tyrannosaurs, of course. The teeth are of appropriate size and quite sharp. The bendy forearms are properly sculpted and the tapering hind limbs give off an air of speed and agility. And talk about having junk in the trunk! The tail is absolutely massive, more so than that of any other tyrannosaur figure I’ve come across to date (yet still within the range of plausibility). Seriously, if its teeth aren’t enough to do the job, this destroyer could probably bludgeon its prey to death with that keister. I love it!


This is the very first Bistahieversor toy, and I reckon it’ll be hard to top. Good colours, excellent sculpting, and a real attitude. This one’s a winner, folks! Available from here.


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  • Szerintem a legjobb tyrannosaurida
    modellek egyike.Mevan!

  • I think its great that Collecta are also making good smaller models like this this. For those of us with limited space its a real boon to our collections. The Bistahieversor was also voted second best dino toy for 2014 by Prehistoric Times readers, so a good endorsement there.

  • Great review & pics. This was also one of the first (second if you count the lone Pachycephalosaurus the previous year) batch of “non-dioramic” (to coin a term) bipedal figures issued by CollectA on a support base, which is great as it eliminates the choice of clown feet or figures with dainty feet toppling when anything large rumbles by.

    The drawback is the scale. At 30′ give or take for an adult based on the fossils found, it’s only around 1/70 scale, as is the similarly scaled 2014 Saurophaganax, also on a base.


  • What this is a great figure and commentary is very wise. Collecta always dares to ceratópsidos and tyrannosauroideos darker.

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