Brachiosaurus (in egg) (‘Dinosauria Collection’ by Sideshow Collectibles)

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Review and photographs by Brandon. Edited by Plesiosauria.

Back in February during the time of the 2009 Toy Fair, Sideshow Toys revealed that they were going to include in addition to their many lines a series of their own called “Sideshow’s Dinosauria.” I was extremely pleased with the first two offerings, Tyrannosaurus rex vs. Triceratops Diorama & the Carnotaurus Maquette. This was truly a treat to behold because not only am I a big Sideshow collector but I adore Prehistoric Life and especially the Dinosaurs. If you don’t know whom Sideshow is, they are tremendous at sculpting and they specialize in 1/6 scale or 12″ figures of Star Wars & G.I. Joe to name a couple and also distribute equally sculpted Hot Toys figures in the same scale. Now, the Brachiosaurus Egg Ornament is different from a maquette and really is unlike anything any company has made previously. It was something that I had to own and in order to obtain it you have two options, one, buy one of their selected items and get it free or actually purchase it for $14.99. I chose the latter. Now, see what My commentary says about it!

Brachiosaurus egg sideshow

The baby Sauropod hatchling Christmas and/or Holiday ornament is stuffed in a familiar Sideshow Dinosauria box with the line’s name within the logo. The packaged plastic bagged piece is protected nicely in two Styrofoams that are taped with a sticker of Sideshow’s customer service number on it. However, it does not indicate what dinosaur is in the box, either this was a rush job or they followed the trend of non-labeled Christmas items? Nevertheless, its an attractive box and protects the hatchling very well!

The size of the ornament is about three and a half inches tall and around two pounds.

Brachiosaurus egg sideshow

The sculpting of the new born “Arm Lizard” is so top notch, its one of the absolute greatest dinosaur pieces I’ve seen! As I previously stated, the Brachiosaurus is a baby, just hatching out of its egg trying to emerge onto the Earth and not only does the prehistoric animal have great sculpting but even the egg does!

Brachiosaurus egg sideshow

This Macronaria member looks totally accurate as if it really is a tiny Brachiosaur lost in time. Sculpted by Sideshow’s Paleoartists, they sure did their homework! This ancient megafauna is almost rolled up in a ball with its long neck & head curled onto its large stomach with its right hind limb & foot showing. The tail is wrapped around its back and located throughout on the body there is many creases and bumps similar like warts. The most fascinating aspect of the entire baby is its head. Its large raised cranium is perfectly visible and the nostrils are placed one on each side and is at a great depth. I completely love that the left eye is closed and the right eye is slightly opened, perhaps for the first time, it adds so much realism!

As I’ve mention previously, the egg itself is also sculpted marvelously. There’s many tiny lumps here and there and some cracks around the shell in the back and the right side but especially the left because there are some major breakage present as if the little one actually did it himself. One thing I really like about the egg is its inner section, the skin is perfectly even with the thickness of the hard shell and the effect is pulled off quite effectively!

Brachiosaurus egg sideshow

The paint applications on the dinosaur as well as on the egg is applied very carefully with no bleeding, blotches, smears or anything to mess it up. The little creature has several colors to him which are green, tan, orange-yellow, and black. He’s got a color scheme mixture of a Micrurus fulvius (Coral Snake) & Panthera tigris (Tiger) going on, of course this is very theoretical that it carries both and its a possibly that this was true because of the theropsid and sauropsid linage split. The egg is colored dark white with dark blue spots almost everywhere on the shell. The inner skin of the egg is of a peachy color depicting a possible correct color from knowing known modern species. The Sideshow’s Dinosauria logo is also painted greatly where you can clearly see the name of the line and also see a hint of a massive Brachiosaurid skeleton! Indeed, I’m quite impressed with the painting on this ornament.

As for the ornament feature, there is a very small metal loop screwed in on the side or behind the baby if you prefer with a strong silver loop to hang on your Christmas tree.

Brachiosaurus egg sideshow

Overall, this is a magnificent piece I’d recommend this to any dinosaur collector and/or lover whether you want it for your collection or for the purpose of hanging it for the holidays or for both reasons. It lightweight, sculpted superbly, painted greatly, appears realistic and its very affordable. To think that all of Sideshow’s Dinosauria collectibles that have been released and upcoming are all from the Cretaceous but it took an ornament to unveil a species from the Jurassic. As I speak, you can currently purchase this cute Brachiosaurus baby at Sideshow right now!

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