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In 1978 (the same year I was born), the fossil remains of a hadrosauriform dinosaur were discovered at Brighstone Bay on the Isle of Wight. The remains were sent to the British Museum of Natural History (now the Natural History Museum) in London and declared to be those of the famous Iguanodon. Subsequently, however, they were determined to belong to its close relative Mantellisaurus. Finally, in 2019 they were found to be distinct from Mantellisaurus and thus in 2021 the world was introduced to Brighstoneus simmondsi.

And here is the very first toy of Brighstoneus, courtesy of CollectA, not surprisingly. It is sculpted in a casual walking pose with the limbs on its right side extended, its head held high and confidently and looking to the left, and the tip of its tail raised. It measures about 14.5 cm long, making it one of the smallest toys in the 2023 assortment along with the Hadrosaurus. The real Brighstoneus is estimated to have reached eight metres in length and a ton in weight, making it significantly smaller than Iguanodon but slightly bigger than Mantellisaurus. It coexisted with those two along with a number of other famous English dinosaurs from the Wessex Formation.

Scale be blowed!

The toy’s main colour is light brown with a beige underbelly and dark brown markings covering it from nose to tail tip. The beak and the claws are medium grey and the black eyes are surrounded by white patches. It is a solid and realistic colour scheme, although the combination of light and dark brown has been used on a number of prehistoric toys by now.

Like most CollectA toys this size, the Brighstoneus boasts an impressive pebbled skin texture with thick wrinkles along its neck and flanks and a row of rounded osteoderms running down its back and tail. The thumb spikes are present and the limbs and tail are a bit beefier than those of the Mantellisaurus. Brighstoneus differs from that genus in possessing at least 28 teeth as opposed to just 24. Moreover, it possesses a longer skull with a bulbous snout, which is also present on this toy.

The CollectA Brighstoneus is a unique and pleasing little toy, and really, who can possibly say no to a new ornithopod (especially when it isn’t yet another Parasaurolophus)? Thanks again go out to CollectA for this review sample! 🙂

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  • Re-reviewing this post and looking at your ‘Scale be Blowed’ pic, those figures should be totally swapped in size. The Hadrosaurus (at least) should be as big as the Stegouros and the latter should be as big as the former 🙂

  • Collecta has been doing a splendid job representing more ornithopods on the market, and it looks like this figure is no exception. Thanks again for the review!

  • Nice review! I would like CollectA to take a break from ornithopods though, they’ve made many in recent years that look almost the same. I would like CollectA to focus on other groups that they haven’t represented for a long time now, such as dromaeosaurids and tyrannosauroids. I also love my CollectA Mamenchisaurus and would like a 1:40 Apatosaurus from CollectA. And a CollectA mini pterosaur set that includes a Dimorphodon and Rhamphorhynchus.

  • Thanks for the review Suspsy, looks like a great little figure. Not too sure about those white eye patches though, makes it look a bit messy in the photos. Might touch them up a tad with some paint when I get one.

    • When this was first announced, it was an immediate ‘yes’ for me. Now that I too have it in-hand I am not disappointed, but have to admit the white eye patches are the one thing I don’t like about it.

  • Great review, thank you! Such a charming little figure. And new species are always more than welcome. Can’t wait to add her to my little herd.

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