Brontosaurus prey (CollectA)

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Big or small, powerful or weak, smart or stupid, all things succumb to the ravages of time and battle. This goes for the mighty dinosaurs too, though this doesn’t often receive much attention in figure series. Enter CollectA to change this, as they have throughout the years. This year sees the release of another corpse for predators to eat and display, this time being Brontosaurus. Will this former Jurassic titan be worth picking up? Lets see……

The figure itself is based on the colouration of the main CollectA Brontosaurus model released a few years ago, potentially making it a herd member they lost (see below). The measurements are fairly similar, scaling well to each other. It measures 9.2″ long, 1.1″ high and 5.8″ wide, so will take up a bit of space, but has enough thin parts that it can be worked in with others on a shelf.

Now to the bit you are really interested in: the injuries. The pose shows that it has been desiccating for a bit, beginning the decay process as the head and tail tilt back. This poor creature has been ravaged, with the injuries being: a bite to the neck near the head, chunks taken out of the neck nearer the body, a leg that has been broken (not sure it would go to that angle, but is very different), a small chunk taken out of said leg, a chunk taken out of each leg on it’s left side (two on the back), a large section of it’s chest eaten, revealing ribs and an internal organ/muscle and two more chunks taken out of the base of the tail. 11 injuries total. Pretty gruesome.

Accuracy is the same as the 2018 CollectA model, on point. All the details are there, and the death pose works well, depending on how long it’s been left to scavengers, heat and time. Brilliant!

Among the dead. The Brontosaurus prey with the ColectA Tyrannosaurus corpse, dead Triceratops and Stegosaurus corpse, along with Rebor’s fallen Queen and Ceryneian hind.

This figure is gory and gruesome, and I am all for it! It looks incredible in a macabre fashion, and will add a bit more dynamism and life (possibly an odd choice of words, but rolling with it) to a display or play. possibly more towards collectors than kids. Either way, I highly recommend you pick this figure up. It’s easy to find on online stores. If you see it, but it. It’s well worth it.

Dinner time! Scales well with CollectA Saurophaganax

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Comments 3

  • Thanks for including the original CollectA Brontosaurus in your pictorial presentation as well.

  • Nice review of this unusual figure. It really is a wonderful and disturbing one, but it’s part of life that is not often depicted.
    I love how CollectA produced corpses of the most famous and iconic dinosaurs!

  • The Saurophaganax does indeed work well with this toy. I look forward to more such corpses in the future. A hadrosaur one would be neat.

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