Camarasaurus (Dinotales Series 7, by Kaiyodo)

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Review and photos by DinoLord

Camarasaurus was the most common sauropod in the Morrison Formation, which is mainly distributed in present day Colorado, Wyoming, and Utah. Many different fossils have been found, including some complete and even fully articulated specimens, so it is surprising that this dinosaur isn’t made more often in toy form.

camarasaurus kaiyodo

The sculpt is quite nice. The Camarasaurus is depicted in a calm pose, peacefully striding while looking down. The proportions are all correct, and the details are quite nice. The skin is well wrinkled as scales wouldn’t be visible at the small scale of this figure. The head is quite good, with the teeth painted individually instead of with blobs of white paint. The musculature of the legs and neck is also very nicely displayed. Unlike many other sauropod toys, this one doesn’t appear to be starved or anorexic, as no ribs can be seen.

camarasaurus kaiyodo

This figure is sure to make individuals with sauropod foot fetishes rejoice. On the front feet, all the toes except for the thumb claw are columnar! This high level of accuracy is rarely seen in sauropod figures. Kaiyodo continues its tradition of great standards of accuracy for its figures with its Camarasaurus.

camarasaurus kaiyodo

The colors on this figure are quite subtle, but effective. The head is a yellowish orange, and the body is a buff yellow. The stripes are a chocolate brown, and brown and black dots dash the body. This is reminiscent of an animal that lived in an arid environment, such as the one in the modern American West, where its fossils are found. However, Camarasaurus actually lived in fern meadows and floodplains, not deserts.

All in all, this is a very nice figure that is worth getting. Unfortunately, this figure, along with all the other Dinotales ones, is only sold in Japanese stores. Luckily, this figure is commonly sold on eBay for no more than a few dollars. I highly recommend that all sauropod fans acquire it.

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  • Glad to see that my ‘sauropod foot fetishist’ thing is becoming a meme!

    • Forum member Bokisaurus mentioned other members having sauropod foot fetishes like, a year before you were around! 😉

      But for all your meme-y goodness, here’s pedobear happycat and failboat for you 🙂

  • Sauropods don’t have to be starved to have their ribs showing. Look at lions or antelopes and even elephants, they are usually pretty healthy yet have ribs showing.

  • I think the colors on this little guy are really nice. Its refreshing to see a sauropod that’s not just gray.

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